Sunday, January 09, 2011

Owen is FIVE!!!!

We have had a lovely week spending time with friends and celebrating Owen's fifth birthday!
This is what 4 looks like. THIS IS 5! Happy birthday to a wonderful, silly, sweet, energetic and loving big brother! For his birthday, we had blueberry muffins for breakfast and had a special treat at school, some fun snacks, and a big ol' canvas that everyone in Owen's class got to paint. We'll get a picture as soon as we remember to bring a camera into school... can you believe the folks forgot on his birthday!!? That night for dinner we had a special request mushroom and kale omelet followed by lava cake for dessert... mmmm nothing says chocolate mustache like lava cake! Owen got a bike for his birthday and has vowed to learn to ride without his training wheels, though it may take a bit of work. He also got to open all sorts of fun presents ... he can't wait to get back to the ocean and put his new snorkel gear from Uncle Ry to use... though the pool or tub may have to suffice for now.
We have spent the week getting into 2010, playing with so many of our new toys,
cleaning out ones we have outgrown to donate to goodwill and to school,
... that and a good walk/bike ride
is a really a nice way to start out the new year.
This weekend we had a birthday party at home for Owen... a pretty great party.
We had a light brunch, cupcakes, and fun play time with friends!
Eli, Theo, Sophia, Aubrey, Alice, Henry,
Benjamin all played for over 3 hours
(with everyone getting along really well the whole time... really!).
It was awesome, we even had a hula-hoop workshop in the garage.
Today was pretty relaxed, after church we headed downtown to see the Chinese Garden, which was lovely as always, we love walking the beautiful paths and looking for fish in their ponds.
We followed up the beautiful walk with lunch at Chen's Good Taste,
which serves the best duck in town ... not to mention an awesome char-siu. Owen's favorite was the won-ton, we'll have to make some more soon, I've never tried... this may be my year. Owen at 5 is 43 inches tall. His favorite things are art, dinosaurs, being helpful. He has a silly streak that comes out with funny faces, unexplained laughter and jokes that rhyme or end in "your eyeball".
He still is a really cuddly and loving (and loves giving me hugs from behind... sneak attack style, which I really do not like, though regular hugs are good). He has a lot of confidence, is good on his letters and getting better counting (though skips 13 & 15 regularly??), likes words that have "oo" and letters in his name, though he recognizes my names as well too.
He aspires to be a paleontologist or an artist, depending upon the time of day...
though he has figured out how to get home from school faster... build a super fast plane... we will need red buttons, black buttons blue buttons, seats, wings, and wheels so we won't crash when we land...
Happy Birthday big brother!


Val said...

Happy Birthday Owen - What a big dude! We look forward to a belated celebration with you. Love, Joaquin and family.

Rebecca Jackson said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.

alex said...

cute and lovely kids
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