Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dad had to take a trip back east this week, so Grandma Terri came out for an extended play-date!
We missed him a ton, but had a great time visiting with Grandma and hanging out with mom. We had a great time with her and are so grateful that she was able to come up and help Mom out. Since Mom was at work most of the week, we have only few pictures of our adventures with Grandma, but we did get in a lot of playing, books, some grocery shopping, cooking (rice crispy treats!!). I do love playing with Grandma's toiletries... her curlers, lotion and powder brushes particularly, no morning has been complete without proper primping! Friday, we did get out to CHAP again, it has been too long in my opinion... I LOVE it there and always dig in with more gusto than Owen who is much more planned and careful with his art. I just discovered glitter... glitter is awesome!!!

After CHAP we headed out to Chez Machin for some really great Crepes. Mom was thrilled, as was Owen who ate one himself plus a few others for dessert.
Seemed like we just couldn't feed that guy enough this week (unlike myself, I'm still a really particular eater).
Not only did we get out to do some art, but Grandma and Owen got a lot of art in at home too... getting ready for Chinese New Year!
After Dad got home we busted out Owen's new (2-wheeler!!) bike.
Mom and Dad are in for a lot of back-breaking rides up and down the street. He has the speed down, but is nervous about the balance still, so everyone needs to get into shape to get him speeding out on his own.
I also thought it was pretty awesome and was eager to hop on a bike as soon as I saw the fun Owen was having.
After a bit they got out Owen's old/smaller bike, still a touch too big... but soon! Thank you Grandma Terri! We had such fun with you are really really appreciate you helping out. Sorry to have shared our various bugs with you, hope you are well! xoxoxoxoxoxo (<-how owen "spells" Love)

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