Sunday, February 27, 2011

snow snow snow!!

Yay! Owen and Daddy had a few more days in NY with Grandma and Grandpa.
He spent 6 hours on the ice (more playing than fishing really, but having a good time checking the "tip downs").... then came back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play and sled in the snow drift for a while longer! He got good at snow angels and really good at sledding!

I had a great time with Mom, I was in the best mood I"ve been in a while. I was so happy to see them when they got back.
It has been pretty darned cold... in fact it snowed properly here on Wednesday and Thursday and its been so cold that it has stuck around until this afternoon.
Owen showed me the snow ropes, but really I didn't think that getting snowballs in my face was as fun as he thought it would be.
I liked it as long as I could be carried and just look at it.

This weekend was pretty fun.
Saturday we went to a great birthday party for Aubrey who turned 2! It was loads of fun to play with my friends. Owen had a great time too.

Owen also learned to tie some flies... big pretend flies,
but he will be working his way down to the real mc-coys some day.
Today we got to play with our buddies Joaquin, Esme, and Benjamin and had a great time with all of their toys
and a fun dinner at laughing planet
where Esme and I managed to put away a ton of black beans and broccoli.
All in all a pretty great week.

It ended with some awesome news...
23 Feb, Keith and Suzanne welcomed Nathaniel (tentative) into their family. Welcome Nate!!! We're excited to get to meet you!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York Ice Fishing Trip Part 1

Dad and I flew out to New York to visit Grandma and Grandpa Steves and we were hoping to do some ice fishing while we were out there. However, when we landed in New York on Friday night it was really warm (mid-50's) and we were a little worried the ice would have melted. Luckily for us there was already a lot of ice and one really warm day wasn't going to melt much of it.

On Saturday we got up hoping to go fishing, the temperature had dropped to 20ºF but the winds were 35 mph with gusts up to 50 mph so we stayed home. I did go outside for a few
minutes to check out the huge snow pile but it was really cold out.

My cheeks were pretty rosy when I came inside.

Finally on Sunday the weather was good for ice fishing. It was cold enough for the ice, the wind had died right down and the sun even came out for a little while.

Oh and best of all we caught some fish.

At least three of these fish are mine. To answer your question...yes, I did have warm mittens I just didn't like waring them sometimes.

One the way back in I checked out some interesting ice over on the Lake Ontario side of things. The protected bay we fished on had about 18 inches of ice while Lake Ontario only had some ice near shore and was otherwise ice free.

Were supposed to get a lot of snow tonight so we'll see if we can get back out fishing tomorrow. We have a few more days here and I really want to catch some more fish before we have to leave.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls, giggles, grins, green

Well, we sent the camera to NY with the fellas, but here are a few pics of my new vest knit for me by Grandma Terri. I really love it, probably because it doesn't have sleeves, which I really think need to be pulled up all the time. This saves me the trouble AND keeps me warm and cozy. Thank you Grandma! Otherwise, Mom and I had an awesome weekend. Totally mellow, just fun times enjoying a day of sunshine, running a few errands but mostly playing around home and going for little walks and twice daily dance parties to Abba, Zoe Lewis and a little Pink Martini. I've been coloring a lot, grinning and laughing tons. Spent the morning "singing" along in church (Mom was a little mortified, but the congregation mostly cheered me on...). I've been in a better mood than in weeks, whether for undivided Mommy attention or the series of bugs and new teeth are finally all through the system and I am feeling pretty great. I am working really hard on loosing the binky, not using it at all during the day and loving feeding myself (bigger mess, but bigger smiles as well). My food preferences are still a little meat, granola and yogurt-centric but I added broccoli and almond butter sandwiches to my regulars. We miss the guys (I get extra excited and can point out Daddy and Owen in pictures with big grins), but are hanging in there okay and really enjoying this quality time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is all you need

Happy Valentines Day! Sending love to all you out there... its been a nice week. there have been lots of crafts, superheroes, and fun. Grace actually got to stay home for most of it getting over a round of rsv and trying really hard this time to keep our germs somewhat contained. The isolation was eased a little by some fun presents from Auntie Donna and Uncle John... Thanks for the awesome slinky (I LOVE it!) and the cute fuzzy tow bag for Grace, its perfect... fuzzy, wheels, a handle that goes up and down, zippers... she can't get enough. However after over 10 days in quarantine, we finally made it out a little bit this weekend! Saturday we headed to the Chinese Garden to see what they had cooked up for New Years. It was pretty awesome, not as crowded as last time we were there, and loads of fun activities... lantern making, lion dances, I am pretty stoked on the lion dancing, esp since they let me try on a mask for a little bit. Grace's appetite finally returned to include something other than cheerios (yay noodles and char siu).
Todays highlight was breakfast and fun at the park with friends who we have not seen enough of lately.
We got a great breakfast with Benjamin, Joaquin, Esme, Andy and Alex (and their parents... who are also among my favorite people).
Anyhow, we had a great breakfast
and even better some good running around time.
An awesome morning was enjoyed by everyone.
I hope y'all have enjoyed your family and friends over Chinese New Year and that you are treasuring your loved ones for Valentines day (and every day of course!!).
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy! -Happy year of the rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year friends and family! We have been enjoying a bit of chinese food, some fun shirts from Mom and Dad, and are looking forward to the year of the rabbit. We're hoping to put these bugs behind us in the new year... now I'm down with a cold, though Owen is finally feeling great again! He has taken advantage of this by pushing a trip to the mountain (Mom and Dad have been promising that as soon as he is well... ). We headed up to Mt Hood. We started with a nice lunch in the lodge before the guys headed out into the snow. With my cough, mom thought I best stay inside so we joined a tour of Timeberline and learned all sorts of cool stuff about the building and the people who built it, then settled down for a little nap time in front of the awesome fireplace. Owen and Dad had a great time outside though... snowball fights, sliding down the hill,
playing in the trees ... perfect. Afterwards they headed inside and joined us for a super hot chocolate (loads of whipped cream topped with toffee bits.... decadence). All in all a pretty nice day. Today was quieter... Dad slept much of the morning after staying up with me all night, after he got up, Mom went and finished up some grading.

Owen has learned a few new things lately... our phone number (which he tries out periodically)
and how to spell his middle and last name. All very exciting. I just started making progress with my diet, until this cold hit, now it's baby-food, cheerios or nothin'.
I do like sitting by myself in the big chairs though... that's super cool.