Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girls, giggles, grins, green

Well, we sent the camera to NY with the fellas, but here are a few pics of my new vest knit for me by Grandma Terri. I really love it, probably because it doesn't have sleeves, which I really think need to be pulled up all the time. This saves me the trouble AND keeps me warm and cozy. Thank you Grandma! Otherwise, Mom and I had an awesome weekend. Totally mellow, just fun times enjoying a day of sunshine, running a few errands but mostly playing around home and going for little walks and twice daily dance parties to Abba, Zoe Lewis and a little Pink Martini. I've been coloring a lot, grinning and laughing tons. Spent the morning "singing" along in church (Mom was a little mortified, but the congregation mostly cheered me on...). I've been in a better mood than in weeks, whether for undivided Mommy attention or the series of bugs and new teeth are finally all through the system and I am feeling pretty great. I am working really hard on loosing the binky, not using it at all during the day and loving feeding myself (bigger mess, but bigger smiles as well). My food preferences are still a little meat, granola and yogurt-centric but I added broccoli and almond butter sandwiches to my regulars. We miss the guys (I get extra excited and can point out Daddy and Owen in pictures with big grins), but are hanging in there okay and really enjoying this quality time.

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