Sunday, February 06, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy! -Happy year of the rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year friends and family! We have been enjoying a bit of chinese food, some fun shirts from Mom and Dad, and are looking forward to the year of the rabbit. We're hoping to put these bugs behind us in the new year... now I'm down with a cold, though Owen is finally feeling great again! He has taken advantage of this by pushing a trip to the mountain (Mom and Dad have been promising that as soon as he is well... ). We headed up to Mt Hood. We started with a nice lunch in the lodge before the guys headed out into the snow. With my cough, mom thought I best stay inside so we joined a tour of Timeberline and learned all sorts of cool stuff about the building and the people who built it, then settled down for a little nap time in front of the awesome fireplace. Owen and Dad had a great time outside though... snowball fights, sliding down the hill,
playing in the trees ... perfect. Afterwards they headed inside and joined us for a super hot chocolate (loads of whipped cream topped with toffee bits.... decadence). All in all a pretty nice day. Today was quieter... Dad slept much of the morning after staying up with me all night, after he got up, Mom went and finished up some grading.

Owen has learned a few new things lately... our phone number (which he tries out periodically)
and how to spell his middle and last name. All very exciting. I just started making progress with my diet, until this cold hit, now it's baby-food, cheerios or nothin'.
I do like sitting by myself in the big chairs though... that's super cool.

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Rebecca Jackson said...

Lovin' Owen's haircut and the adorable shirts. Hope you're all on the mend and that the New Year brings happiness and health.