Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is all you need

Happy Valentines Day! Sending love to all you out there... its been a nice week. there have been lots of crafts, superheroes, and fun. Grace actually got to stay home for most of it getting over a round of rsv and trying really hard this time to keep our germs somewhat contained. The isolation was eased a little by some fun presents from Auntie Donna and Uncle John... Thanks for the awesome slinky (I LOVE it!) and the cute fuzzy tow bag for Grace, its perfect... fuzzy, wheels, a handle that goes up and down, zippers... she can't get enough. However after over 10 days in quarantine, we finally made it out a little bit this weekend! Saturday we headed to the Chinese Garden to see what they had cooked up for New Years. It was pretty awesome, not as crowded as last time we were there, and loads of fun activities... lantern making, lion dances, I am pretty stoked on the lion dancing, esp since they let me try on a mask for a little bit. Grace's appetite finally returned to include something other than cheerios (yay noodles and char siu).
Todays highlight was breakfast and fun at the park with friends who we have not seen enough of lately.
We got a great breakfast with Benjamin, Joaquin, Esme, Andy and Alex (and their parents... who are also among my favorite people).
Anyhow, we had a great breakfast
and even better some good running around time.
An awesome morning was enjoyed by everyone.
I hope y'all have enjoyed your family and friends over Chinese New Year and that you are treasuring your loved ones for Valentines day (and every day of course!!).
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Rebecca Jackson said...

So glad you finally were able to get out and have some fun!