Sunday, February 27, 2011

snow snow snow!!

Yay! Owen and Daddy had a few more days in NY with Grandma and Grandpa.
He spent 6 hours on the ice (more playing than fishing really, but having a good time checking the "tip downs").... then came back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play and sled in the snow drift for a while longer! He got good at snow angels and really good at sledding!

I had a great time with Mom, I was in the best mood I"ve been in a while. I was so happy to see them when they got back.
It has been pretty darned cold... in fact it snowed properly here on Wednesday and Thursday and its been so cold that it has stuck around until this afternoon.
Owen showed me the snow ropes, but really I didn't think that getting snowballs in my face was as fun as he thought it would be.
I liked it as long as I could be carried and just look at it.

This weekend was pretty fun.
Saturday we went to a great birthday party for Aubrey who turned 2! It was loads of fun to play with my friends. Owen had a great time too.

Owen also learned to tie some flies... big pretend flies,
but he will be working his way down to the real mc-coys some day.
Today we got to play with our buddies Joaquin, Esme, and Benjamin and had a great time with all of their toys
and a fun dinner at laughing planet
where Esme and I managed to put away a ton of black beans and broccoli.
All in all a pretty great week.

It ended with some awesome news...
23 Feb, Keith and Suzanne welcomed Nathaniel (tentative) into their family. Welcome Nate!!! We're excited to get to meet you!

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