Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party party!

Spring break ended with a bang... First off... happy birthday Grandpa Tom! AND Joaquin AND Eli! Although I didn't get to celebrate directly with Grandpa, we did get to party with Joaquin and Eli.
Joaquin started things off with a Dino dance party. It was pretty awesome, we all had a wonderful time! Owen boogied, ran around, played and played. I was quiet to start but when the food came out I peeled my own orange (with a little help) and dug into a cupcake. It was so nice to see everyone.

We followed up Joaquin's birthday party with one for our friend Eli!
I got to play in the awesome pirate ships with Aubrey, while the big kids really got into the pirate gig.
Fierce. Pshew, by the end of the day I was exhausted. Today we still got to hang with friends, but it was a little mellower, well, maybe... Joaquin invited us over (again... I know, but the folks just can't seem to get their act together) for a play date.
We had an awesome time playing with Joaquin's new toys, my favorite was the box!
The guys liked hiding in the closet with flashlights, snow boots, Ray's neck-wear and books. They were great adventurer.
All in all a pretty awesome weekend. I'm getting slightly more understandable vocab... ma, da, ooooo (Owen), Ooter (scooter), dawg, ready..steady..go (followed by running!). Super cute. Owen is still working on his writing and its getting better all the time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

to the sea

This weekend we got out of town for a few days. There has been so much going on in the world that it was also an opportunity to unplug for a bit and appreciate some family time while sending our hope and prayers to those in japan, in libya, throughout the world.
We headed out to Cape Disappointment and got a yurt!
We had a quick stop in Astoria for lunch at the brewery before heading over towards Ilwaco. My folks were excited about the yurt... I was thrilled about the bunk beds... I got the whole top bunk to myself and found EVERY excuse in the book to go up and down the ladder. It was a bit rainy and we were off to a bumpy start by forgetting a few key ingredients for dinner and Dad's raincoat (important considering how much it was raining!). We handled the rain by getting cozy in the Yurt, I made a map of the area, Dad and Grace worked on some Ukulele tunes. We mostly ran wild in a confined space. To deal with dinner we started with a quick visit to waikiki (again... don't let the name fool you) beach before we headed into town to grab some seafood. By the time we returned the rain had lightened up enough to check out the beach.

Mom, Grace and I headed down while Dad lit the campfire... essential for smores! It sure was fun to finally get back to the beach, It was pretty awesome loads of drift wood, dark sand, wide open places to run, trees to climb... the works. When we got back I got to toast my own marshmellows for the first time, which was pretty awesome. Aaaahhhh my favorite... smores... Love em.
Today we enjoyed more of the awesome beachy goodness,
followed by a nice hike out to the lighthouse
and to the interpretative center where we learned all about Lewis and Clark.
I wanted to be a good explorer
and stop a lot and study things,
but mostly ran like a maniac around the trails...
maybe the sugar from the smores managed to stay in my system overnight. I was actually super helpful this weekend, Grace loves it when I carry her and
I have been nice about helping her with her boots, whatever she needs.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

nobody here but us chickens

We had a lovely family weekend. The winter term is finishing up at Mom's work, spring is peeking out every now and then. Friday was actually kinda sunny.
We got to play outside with Aubrey and Sophia for a bit and inside with the chicks for a while.
I think Sophia may be a little interested in chicks of her own in the future after this visit :). Otherwise, some inside picnics, playing in boxes, coloring etc... Owen's favorite was a new mobile for outside... sticks, yarn, beads, pretty! We had a good family walk up through Mississippi, ice-cream, green beans for Dad to practice roasting some coffee for mom. Today we made some pizzas and more play time.
Updates... I am all giggles these days and am very ticklish. I also love giving kisses and am extremely independent (must feed myself, put my own socks and shoes on ... no help please! even if it takes 45 minutes before we can leave the house).
Owen's writing and letters are getting really good. In fact, he copied Dad's whole poster while they were out brewing beer.
Pretty darn stinkin great!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chicken lickin'

Well, seems kindergarten is around the corner. We actually got to visit our neighborhood school this week, not too bad. I really liked one of the teachers and all in all am getting pretty excited about going to kindergarten!
Grace also had an awesome time... so much to play with. On Friday, we got some new chickens!
Actually, chicks this time. I love them already. No names just yet, but they are pretty sweet.
Since they haven't moved to the garage yet, they are making Scooter crazy but are really keeping the rest of us entertained.
We got a wellsummer, an ameracuna and a dorkin (5 toes! crazy).
Speaking of entertained, we have had a nice weekend hanging out with friends. Joaquin came over for a meet and greet with the chickens.
We had breakfast with Alice, Henry and Robyn at Bobs (AND got to see Bob, always a thrill).
The afternoon was quiet, but had a fun evening with Andy, Alex, Linda and Matt.
Andy got along well with me and Grace.
All in all a great time with friends we don't see often enough.
Today was awesome as well. Mostly Mom and I spent the day downtown at the art museum for family day. We got to have an awesome dance party with two bands... the not-its and the recess monkeys.
So much fun (that's me in the red shirt with alice), I totally jammed, made edible necklaces, a treasure box, looked at some art... awesomeness. Met up again with Alice and co. as well as Benjamin and family so we got to share the fun with friends.