Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chicken lickin'

Well, seems kindergarten is around the corner. We actually got to visit our neighborhood school this week, not too bad. I really liked one of the teachers and all in all am getting pretty excited about going to kindergarten!
Grace also had an awesome time... so much to play with. On Friday, we got some new chickens!
Actually, chicks this time. I love them already. No names just yet, but they are pretty sweet.
Since they haven't moved to the garage yet, they are making Scooter crazy but are really keeping the rest of us entertained.
We got a wellsummer, an ameracuna and a dorkin (5 toes! crazy).
Speaking of entertained, we have had a nice weekend hanging out with friends. Joaquin came over for a meet and greet with the chickens.
We had breakfast with Alice, Henry and Robyn at Bobs (AND got to see Bob, always a thrill).
The afternoon was quiet, but had a fun evening with Andy, Alex, Linda and Matt.
Andy got along well with me and Grace.
All in all a great time with friends we don't see often enough.
Today was awesome as well. Mostly Mom and I spent the day downtown at the art museum for family day. We got to have an awesome dance party with two bands... the not-its and the recess monkeys.
So much fun (that's me in the red shirt with alice), I totally jammed, made edible necklaces, a treasure box, looked at some art... awesomeness. Met up again with Alice and co. as well as Benjamin and family so we got to share the fun with friends.

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