Sunday, March 13, 2011

nobody here but us chickens

We had a lovely family weekend. The winter term is finishing up at Mom's work, spring is peeking out every now and then. Friday was actually kinda sunny.
We got to play outside with Aubrey and Sophia for a bit and inside with the chicks for a while.
I think Sophia may be a little interested in chicks of her own in the future after this visit :). Otherwise, some inside picnics, playing in boxes, coloring etc... Owen's favorite was a new mobile for outside... sticks, yarn, beads, pretty! We had a good family walk up through Mississippi, ice-cream, green beans for Dad to practice roasting some coffee for mom. Today we made some pizzas and more play time.
Updates... I am all giggles these days and am very ticklish. I also love giving kisses and am extremely independent (must feed myself, put my own socks and shoes on ... no help please! even if it takes 45 minutes before we can leave the house).
Owen's writing and letters are getting really good. In fact, he copied Dad's whole poster while they were out brewing beer.
Pretty darn stinkin great!

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