Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party party!

Spring break ended with a bang... First off... happy birthday Grandpa Tom! AND Joaquin AND Eli! Although I didn't get to celebrate directly with Grandpa, we did get to party with Joaquin and Eli.
Joaquin started things off with a Dino dance party. It was pretty awesome, we all had a wonderful time! Owen boogied, ran around, played and played. I was quiet to start but when the food came out I peeled my own orange (with a little help) and dug into a cupcake. It was so nice to see everyone.

We followed up Joaquin's birthday party with one for our friend Eli!
I got to play in the awesome pirate ships with Aubrey, while the big kids really got into the pirate gig.
Fierce. Pshew, by the end of the day I was exhausted. Today we still got to hang with friends, but it was a little mellower, well, maybe... Joaquin invited us over (again... I know, but the folks just can't seem to get their act together) for a play date.
We had an awesome time playing with Joaquin's new toys, my favorite was the box!
The guys liked hiding in the closet with flashlights, snow boots, Ray's neck-wear and books. They were great adventurer.
All in all a pretty awesome weekend. I'm getting slightly more understandable vocab... ma, da, ooooo (Owen), Ooter (scooter), dawg, ready..steady..go (followed by running!). Super cute. Owen is still working on his writing and its getting better all the time.

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