Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter dear friends and family!
We had a great visit with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom and Zoe this weekend who drove all the way up here to spend Easter with us! We started a little before they arrived with egg dying with our friends. Not only did we all dye eggs (ME TOO!, it was so cool I really loved the blue), but there was loads of play time too, I am trying hard to keep up with the big guys, its getting easier! Grandma and Grandpa came by in the afternoon, we stretched their legs with a nice walk down to the park. Zoe got her first off-leash unfenced dog play time. Both Scooter and Zoe did pretty well, though Zoe still ran a bit far... I loved the swing, Owen and I played on all of the gear, and Grandpa and I bonded, well, because he carried me the whole mile back from the park. Thank you Grandpa! I LOVE being carried, while you are standing up, not sitting down thank you very much. Grandma and Owen made some peanutbutter cup desserts, Dad made his fab burgers again for dinner and it was sunny enough to enjoy it on the deck again. Beautiful. Owen had a special treat... a sleep-over at Grandpa and Grandma's hotel. Pretty special! They had a pretty awesome sounding morning of dragon boat watching, waffles and a big walk. Saturday was all fun with Grandma and Grandpa! We had a good easter-egg hunt at Church, it was a bit of a blitz... loads of kids, very good hunters... we did well though it took Mom & Grandma and two other members about 45 minutes to hide them, we cleaned up in about 5. Since the Grandfolks were going to leave relatively early on Sunday, we made a big ol' ham from our pig on saturday so we could have a good afternoon to enjoy the meal and digest a yummy easter feast. We also ran some errands, I got an awesome new helmet, can't wait to try it out on Owen's little bike again! We also checked out O's new school, he'll be going nearby and it looks so awesome. He wanted to get a feel for it (his words) so he better "feel" all of the play equipment... it passed muster. It was the prettiest day we have had in a while... actually reached into the 70s and it was perfect for spending as much time as possible outside. Mom did manage to wrangle the big-guys to help her start to re-cover her chairs once it started warming up enough that we were actually HOT! When inside, or when the folks were running around, I showed off my good dance moves. It took a bit more work than she anticipated, but the seats look pretty great! One day, we will get the backs done... when we enlist the help of a pro. Thank you guys so much for helping so much! Otherwise, today it was EASTER! We got to hunt for eggs around the house and go through our Easter baskets... yum, loads of chocolate for Owen, some bunny crackers for me and matching jammies! He also was super pleased to get a yellow marshmallow chick (just like in the book :). We also got some fun toys and cute clothes from all of our grandfolks! I LOVE my new dress from Grandma and Grandpa Steves... I gave it a big ol' hug. We headed to Church for easter services and out to Dim Sum for brunch. It was pretty fantastic, Owen and I really love dim-sum... I think he ate 6 har-gao and I ate anything with a meatball (though not as much as last week!). Rainy, more typical PDX again... but we had a few breaks where we got to run around outside, take some pictures with our flowers that are in bloom... this time of year our front yard actually is actually really colorful and the flowers are lovely. Love spring, days are getting longer, pretty gardens and flowers all around, running, playing, I am improving my dance moves (Fist pumps and arm twirls)... Owen is busy, excited, likes to be the clown and is full of fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

hello sunshine

After a long grey week, the sun finally peeked out today! So glad to spend the day outside!
This Friday Joaquin, Esme and Val came over and brought us some great bagels and company! We had a great time playing tea-party, pillow fort (which digressed into wiggle worms), music, the works. It is always so much fun to play-date with these guys. Saturday was also pretty great since we got to enjoy dim-sum with a bunch of friends... Tim, Leslie, Joe, Tara, Robyn, Dan, Alice & Henry. We had a great time, ate plenty, walked a bit with Alice, okay ran back and forth on the sidewalk... Today was Esme's birthday. Happy First Birthday Esme!! What a great day to turn one! Sunshine, more play time for us! Some learning with Hanna , soccer with ian, a most awesome hopscotch game. Seriously cool, right? Afterwards was some more fun with the neighborhood gang and some cool sidewalk paint and gardening with Pam who let me help pull up some grass for her garden beds. Man, i love spring.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Boy oh boy, some time outside this week has been amazing. We started this weekend with a super fun Friday with Mom (who couldn't find the camera on the warmest/sunniest day this year so we'll insert some fishing pictures that we missed somehow last week)
with a trip to the zoo (which was a ... zoo... everyone had the same idea!), snack at little t bakery, a walk and some time at the nearby park. We discovered slides at the park. I guess I've been down one before, but this is the first time that I trucked up the steps, slightly out of reach of Mom and then headed down the slide solo! Lovin' it soooo much. In fact I love anything I can do myself. I like to help, well... do everything! Clean up, cook, laundry, vacuum, in fact with all of this helping, the folks may never get anything done :) We finished up an awesome day with our first cook-out. Dad grilled up some taaasty burgers and we actually ate on the deck, it only got a little chilly after the sun went behind the hill, otherwise lovely. Saturday, while Dad took off to brew some beer, we had a nice morning, then headed over to the farmer's market which opened back up. Our highlight, after chowing on a cookie and a big loaf of bread was all of the running around. Owen showed me the ropes of how to enjoy the farmer's market...First you put on your puffy orange vest....then you pick out the biggest craziest veggie in the place (giant purple carrots today), get snacks, run around all of the trees (and try not to get disoriented), convince Mom to spend some time at the secret playground at the top of the market. The hardest thing for me was leaving... Not only did I figure out the slide there as well, but I figured out how to get myself up to the giant slide (Mom would only spot me, had to figure it out myself, by climbing up the slippery metal slide). Luckily, Owen met me up top and rode down the slide with me (about 10 times... before Mom had to literally drag me away kicking and screaming... I loved that slide). Today was quieter, church, errands (tolerated Mom in a fabric store in an effort to make our kitchen chairs less holey). We're excited about easter coming up... got a few eggs already, treats from Grandma and Grandpa Steves... spring in the air.