Sunday, April 17, 2011

hello sunshine

After a long grey week, the sun finally peeked out today! So glad to spend the day outside!
This Friday Joaquin, Esme and Val came over and brought us some great bagels and company! We had a great time playing tea-party, pillow fort (which digressed into wiggle worms), music, the works. It is always so much fun to play-date with these guys. Saturday was also pretty great since we got to enjoy dim-sum with a bunch of friends... Tim, Leslie, Joe, Tara, Robyn, Dan, Alice & Henry. We had a great time, ate plenty, walked a bit with Alice, okay ran back and forth on the sidewalk... Today was Esme's birthday. Happy First Birthday Esme!! What a great day to turn one! Sunshine, more play time for us! Some learning with Hanna , soccer with ian, a most awesome hopscotch game. Seriously cool, right? Afterwards was some more fun with the neighborhood gang and some cool sidewalk paint and gardening with Pam who let me help pull up some grass for her garden beds. Man, i love spring.

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