Sunday, April 10, 2011


Boy oh boy, some time outside this week has been amazing. We started this weekend with a super fun Friday with Mom (who couldn't find the camera on the warmest/sunniest day this year so we'll insert some fishing pictures that we missed somehow last week)
with a trip to the zoo (which was a ... zoo... everyone had the same idea!), snack at little t bakery, a walk and some time at the nearby park. We discovered slides at the park. I guess I've been down one before, but this is the first time that I trucked up the steps, slightly out of reach of Mom and then headed down the slide solo! Lovin' it soooo much. In fact I love anything I can do myself. I like to help, well... do everything! Clean up, cook, laundry, vacuum, in fact with all of this helping, the folks may never get anything done :) We finished up an awesome day with our first cook-out. Dad grilled up some taaasty burgers and we actually ate on the deck, it only got a little chilly after the sun went behind the hill, otherwise lovely. Saturday, while Dad took off to brew some beer, we had a nice morning, then headed over to the farmer's market which opened back up. Our highlight, after chowing on a cookie and a big loaf of bread was all of the running around. Owen showed me the ropes of how to enjoy the farmer's market...First you put on your puffy orange vest....then you pick out the biggest craziest veggie in the place (giant purple carrots today), get snacks, run around all of the trees (and try not to get disoriented), convince Mom to spend some time at the secret playground at the top of the market. The hardest thing for me was leaving... Not only did I figure out the slide there as well, but I figured out how to get myself up to the giant slide (Mom would only spot me, had to figure it out myself, by climbing up the slippery metal slide). Luckily, Owen met me up top and rode down the slide with me (about 10 times... before Mom had to literally drag me away kicking and screaming... I loved that slide). Today was quieter, church, errands (tolerated Mom in a fabric store in an effort to make our kitchen chairs less holey). We're excited about easter coming up... got a few eggs already, treats from Grandma and Grandpa Steves... spring in the air.

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