Sunday, April 03, 2011


You know how we can tell it's spring? Rockin' hair-styles? Flowers blooming? Chickens running around? Fishing? Short sleeves? Mostly it's all of the friends that are playing in the streets, joining us for breakfasts, playing playing playing playing...
All in all a nice weekend! Playing and running errands with Mom and Grace on Friday when the sun was actually out for most of the day! We got our groceries and walked all around the neighborhood enjoying the sunshine, snacks, flowers blooming.
Saturday was mostly play-time with Dad while Mom worked a bit (through the sunshine and hailstorm).

Today though... today was great fun 'cause we got to play with my buddy Joaquin, Val and Esme most of the day... not only did we do well around the house for the morning, but after lunch we hit the pond and we BOTH caught some fish! At the same time no less, it worked out perfectly.
Joaquin took the whole fishing thing with great attention and was an excellent listener.
We got to finish up with a little park play time and really had an excellent day.
That afternoon we let the new chickens out for a little run-around and gathered the neighbor kids for some springtime fun. It was pretty awesome to be running, playing drawing, being creative with these guys.
In personal news, I am getting ever more excited about learning to read and am starting to pick words out here and there.
Grace is great with the kisses, smiles, she is learning new words right and left, though her diction is only what a parent/brother can really understand still. She has taken to the bear Mom made her last summer and is super cute about lovin' it. She is quite the independent spirit though and insists upon putting her own shoes and socks on (though has yet to be successful), getting into and out of (and into and out of and into and out of... repeatedly) the highchair, carseat, couch, etc... She does not need help thank you very much. We are really proud of her though as she is on day 4 of no-binky at all. It was roughest the first day, and last night her runny nose kept her up a lot, but she is a trooper and has really done well. Grace turned 18 months.. a year and a half and she is awesome! She weights 26lbs, 32.5 inches. She dances, sings, likes the wheels on the bus... awesome.

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