Monday, May 30, 2011

Chow time!

Happy Memorial Day! It is with gratitude to those who protect our freedoms that we toast, eat barbecue and share a free day with friends. Thank you Uncle Ry, great-grandpa Em, Matt, great-grandpa Jerry, all who have served. Our garden is finally producing a bit... Friday Mom and I enjoyed a few radishes and a mini-salad (that was surprisingly good)
We've had another rainy stint, but when you have this much rain, this time of year, you can get some pretty spectacular rainbows! Speaking of rainbows... we got some brightening of our days with some time with friends. Friday we got out of the house to visit with Joaquin and Esme! Thank goodness, we were getting a little stir-crazy, and of course, it finally lightened up a bit and we go to play outside! I have opened up one of my banks and found I had a little over $2 in there... and was wondering all week if I could use it to buy a strawberry plant that I could take care-of but share the strawberries with my family. On Saturday we headed to the farmer's market and I got my plant! It already has some wee little strawberries on it, so I figure I"ll have a pretty good harvest in a few weeks if we ever get some sun! Sunday we went to church and had a great afternoon with Chris and Christina who came over to brew a giant batch of beer with Dad. There was some clever hiding, playing and helping. It took most of the afternoon/evening so we also got to enjoy dinner with them. I was only mildly distracting, but got away from them for a bit to go out on a coffee shop date with Mom... really more of a milk & cookie sort of excursion, which was pretty fun. Today we had a barbecue with friends! Dad did some pretty yummy pulled pork, Mom made a fun assortment of crostini, and folks brought all sorts of yummies. Mostly though we just played around, made a few shrinky-dink charms, fun, food... a wonderful afternoon with everyone.
Otherwise, loads of fun time with the family, we are ALL enjoying Grace's new obsession with books, particularly Barnyard Dance, Jamberry (my old favorite), Belly Button Book,
Brown bear and Cowboy bunnies, but really the first three get a lot of circulation. Grace is also really into the itsy bitsy spider and the tiny turtle song... songs with lots of hand motions make her very happy and I love to sing for her while she motions along.

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