Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, awesome outside time this week!
I have a good friend at school who is teething a bit... on me, anyhow, we're working things out but when Mom inquired if I was instigating anything, I got a glowing report from my teachers claiming I am the cuddliest, never complained or cried without reason (obviously I have a different tack at home)... and upon pondering for a moment they did claim that if I have one fault, is that I am an aggressive lounger, yep, find a friend and leeeaaannnn, sounds about right. Anyhow, Friday we went on a nice walk with Mom. On the way back, I dozed off so Owen played in the park... he was the biggest guy there and was super sweet with the younger kids, helped man the merry-go-round, sped up, slowed down, allowed for riders to load up or depart upon request, was affectionately called "big guy" by the kids... as in "Hey big guy... go faster!" "hey big guy, can I get on too?... Thanks big guy!" he was thrilled. After I woke up we had a good back-yard sort of afternoon, playing in the tent... unearthing some left-over Popsicles from last summer. Pretty tasty! My first popsicle, and I ate the whole thing!! Saturday was pretty awesome... Dozer days came around again!!! My first one, it was pretty cool, but really the big kids really got into it. We met up with our friends the Miners and had an awesome visit with them, in spite of most conversations being hollered over the construction din. G. & G. were lookin' awesome and a great job driving dozers and excavators... It was so nice to get to meet them. I had a blast riding everything that resembled slides (repeatedly). We even met up with J. and E.! We spent all day and I totally missed my nap, it was worth it though. Finished up with a bite at burgerville (well, I slept while everyone else ate). Today was totally mellow, stay-at-home day. A few small errands, planting some plants, playing games and doing crafts.

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