Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mother's out there! Be well, thank you for what you do, for helping the rest of us be our best, for your support and for your love... happy mother's day!
Well it's been a pretty busy week! Most of it has been swapping various viruses. Dad took off for a one-dayer work trip, so we had Mom to ourselves ALL day Friday. We did really well, Had to get some shots for O. and blood drawn for me and we were so awesome... neither of us shed a tear and got some cute toys as rewards from the nurse! Mom took us to Grand Central for snacks afterwards. After running around all morning, Mom was ready to stay home so we wrote letters and did experiments for the rest of the afternoon. Owen went out to write letters between rainshowers outside... after mom put me down for a nap he asked Mom "Would you like to enjoy this wonderful day with me outside?" aww.......
I tell ya' red cabbage water as a pH indicator can keep Owen busy for ages! After my nap,he let me help out but we ended up with a lot of blue froth so we put together the oobleck to amuse as well. I thought it looked good, but really it was pretty weird feeling so I preferred to watch Owen. Otherwise, Saturday, was pretty nice to have Dad back. We hit the plant sale in Woodstock for some awesome plants. Afterwards we got serious Dad time while Mom went out to lunch with a bunch of other gals from work and hit the crafty wonderland event. We kinda scored with an awesome wooden boat. Mom got inspiration and made us some cool owl houses. For Mother's day we woke up at a respectable hour, tried hard to let Mom sleep in a bit, but ended up all in bed with cards (that Owen made "For Mommme") and presents (that Owen wrapped himself!)... and some cute earrings that Mom has had her eyes on! All in all a pretty nice day, Dad was feeling under the weather but rallied pretty seriously to put together breakfast, wrangle kids around the favorite japanese grocery/book store, indian buffet for lunch, and letting Mom finish work before pulling together a super awesome Sushi dinner! She was pretty impressed and had a great day!

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