Sunday, May 01, 2011

Super sunshine power!

Its been pretty wonderfully nice the past few days here.
We've been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. We've still been trying like the dickens to kick some colds that keep cropping back up but they lightened up for a bit. Friday was loads of fun at home, Mom and I are doing more "experiments" some cool things with purple cabbage water and, well all sorts of things to maximize mess, but its fun. Saturday was Andy's birthday, so we got to go and celebrate at the Children's museum. It was Grace's first visit and my first one in almost 2 years, so it was pretty awesome. The best was, of course, the cool party... complete with cake (CAKE!!!), fun folks, treasure chest decorating and a visit from curious george!! We followed the party up with even more playing, in the theater, the clay room (grace was particularly excited about the cool, squishy clay), and both of our favorite stop... the water room! We spent most of our time at the table where you can change the flow of the water. We had an awesome day and actually napped much of the rest of the afternoon... pshew. Talking about pshew... we took the prettiest day around here in a while and enjoyed a long long walk around town... all the way up to our friends' houses...G. was still feeling her cold a bit, so channeled her inner old woman with the awesome glasses and lap blanket. The squirrels were out the whole way and going crazy! Finally saw T's "new" place, it was beautiful! J. also got new chickens so we stopped by there as well.. They are so pretty! Had a great time enjoying the sunshine, getting some exercise and seeing our friends (oh and grabbing some lunch and ice cream... super yum)

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