Sunday, May 15, 2011

Watch out, there's a new chef in Portland

This is my serious chef face.
Man, can we suck the marrow out of a quiet weekend or what.
No really, it was a nice, mostly sunny, relaxing sort of family time.
Friday Mom, Grace and I picked up some plants from the nursery
and made a quick stop to the hardware store to get some gear to put together a tent!
Easy peasy and tons of fun inside and out.
We had a super lovely afternoon lounging on the grass, picking the flowers,
talking with the chickens, drawing, leaf rubbings...
niiiiice. Saturday was pretty sweet as well. We spent the morning walking around town with A., H. and their folks. Hit a food cart for some great biscuits and Gravy, then walked over to a park for some good play time.
My monkey bar skills are through the roof,
Grace has completely embraced the tall, steep, swirling slides.
We finished up hitting a different nursery
to complete our spring plantings.
Grace fell asleep on the walk home... no she's not just being dramatic here, she is asleep (and heavy)
In the afternoon, we did some planting and played with some neighborhood friends for a little bit.
Spring is pretty awesome, when the sun is out at least (we're back on a rainy part of the cycle).
We had more quality back-yard time
and G. really tried hard to help Dad mow.
Today Dad and I were supposed to hit the water with a friend who has a boat... we were all ready to go in our rain-gear and everything and actually in the car driving through the very cold rain when we got the cancellation call. I was kinda bummed, but didn't show it too much (except with a little non-target frustration behavior later in the afternoon perhaps after having to play inside all day).
So we played leggos, tackle Daddy, tickle battles, and finally decided to make our own pasta for dinner.
I reported to Mom that "there are two new chefs in Portland, Brian and Owen"
though Mom and Grace helped out as well.
Nice and tasty end to our weekend. Ah, and a parting shot of St. Scooter.
Grace loves to feed Scooter, one or two pieces of food at a time. Scooter patiently waits and gobbles the pieces she meters out slowly.

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Tammi said...

Your kids are so stinking cute! Oh, the cheeks on that sweet girl of yours. And I love the tent idea. I may steal it for the little man. Love to everyone!