Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bikes and Bubbles

Learning, adventure, creating, fun. I don't know feels like that list sort of sums things up. I'm working really hard at learning how to ride my bike this week, I am getting better and better at the riding, its that darn stopping at the appropriate moment that is vexing me. Dad is trying to convince me that stopping doesn't entail wobbling the handle bars back and forth, sticking my legs out and leaping off the seat to crash land. It may work for the grass.. but I hear its not the way to go on concrete. The good news is that I can go pretty decent stretches peddling on my own... no trainers!! Dad has been helping me most, since Mom and I crashed on the concrete... I got a bit of road rash on my arm, mom on her knees with a twisted ankle... After the initial 5 seconds of shocked wailing, I looked down and said "I"m okay, it's just concrete and my elbow, no big deal". Mom limped the rest of the weekend. Mom and I had a super special day on Saturday... We started with waffles and a visit to the park with Joaquin and Val.... always a good time. We had an awesome basketball game (that's Val, the basket), and I taught J. some of my climbing tricks. That afternoon we headed to see Mary Poppins that was in town. I loved it! The chimney sweeps were awesome and I like to sing the classic songs... chim chim chimney,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and the spoon full of sugar. Thanks Grandma Terri for sending us, we loved our special afternoon. Not only am I working on my bike riding (which is also a lesson in patience and working hard at something... this is not coming easy... any tips for all three lessons are appreciated!), Grace is also trying out the bikes! She and I are getting along really well and working together on all sorts of projects, from making Mom's coffee in the morning to taking care of the chickens, to building a new coop. Sunday was pretty nice, awesome family day with a trip to the new Woodstock Farmer's market (complete with climbing wall!), running into lots of friends, butterfly making, resulting in a tired little sis. Everyone who has seen me recently has commented on my increasing height, we'll have to measure me soon. Grace is really into doing things herself (still), Her hard work has paid off, look she can blow bubbles now!, She also loves doing whatever I am doing, itsy-bitsy-spider and the little turtle songs, and reading repeatedly: Wiggle, Jamberry, Mama Mama/Papa Papa, I howl, I growl, Cowboy bunnies. Her word list is a growing... Bows (hair do-s), Outside, more (sign AND clear words), baby, Rwar (dinosaur/Mt lion), book, mwa mwa (water), Hello, bye bye. Bye Bye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

from Fresno to Father's day:

Quick recap from Fresno to Father's day: In Fresno with family and friends... fun in the sun, water fights with Grandma (I think Grandma won), Maybe we all won, actually enjoying weather warm enough to get wet in! Bugs. Geode making.Visiting Great-Grandma and G'uncles! Icecream. Looking at pictures.
More fun in the spa. Being grateful for an awesome visit to Fresno and being pretty good about flying back home. Owen did ask Mom when getting off of the plane why it was summer at Grandma's house and not in Portland... good question. Dad finished the fence. Huge radishes to enjoy. Spent Friday morning with us at Bob's Redmill before heading out for a fishing trip. Had a great afternoon with Mom going to the Alphabeticians (kids music at the library), fixing G's anklet, stopping to impulsively buy an old typewriter on the way home (we LOVE it), drove past Ken's Pizza and saw them opening up and nobody in line, so we pulled over for dinner, everyone ate and was well behaved!! Cookies followed. The bad news: truck broke, he had to turn around and come home and miss his tournament. The good news: we got a great day-trip as a whole family out to the coast for some beach-time, fossil hunting, visiting with the fishers after they returned and some good grub (Otis Junction Cafe!). All in all a pretty awesome, though wet and cold day.
FATHER'S DAY! First, let's say, thank goodness for Dads! We, of course, are particularly grateful for our Daddy who makes us wonderful meals, changes my diapers, gives me baths, reads books, plays, fishes, and takes such wonderful care of us always. Love you! We spent the morning puttering around town and headed to Kruger's farm for strawberry picking (alas, forgot the camera, but man we were cute with our red faces and clothes), lunch, pig and chicken gawking. Headed home and Mom put me down for a nap while Owen and Dad headed out to the pond to do some fishing but really ended up newt hunting for most of their trip.

Friday, June 17, 2011


we will be without internet for the next several days... will catch-up when we get back "on"!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


School's out for Mom! well for a week at least so...Yay! To celebrate, we begun tearing down part of our fence that needs replacing. To follow, we wanted to give Dad some time to put it all back together (and get some fishing in) Mom, Grace and I hopped on a plane for a visit with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom!
We've only really been here a few days, but as per usual, we have had loads of fun already! Mom and Grandma got the visit going with an early morning Pilates class, so Grandpa got me and Grace ready in the morning.
We got to go over to the Van's house Saturday for a great swim party! I loved it, though swimming where I can't touch is very different from swim lessons where I can pretty much walk around the whole pool. The folks really think I need to get into some deeper water soon. Grace even tried the pool, but was more happy in the less, crowded, smaller kiddie pool. It was a fantastic afternoon, with friends, a great picnic lunch and everything. We had such a great time! Today we headed over to Storybook land (where we saw and actually pet a most awesome dragon fly who would return and return and return to its same perch) followed by a train ride and afternoon at Playland. Boy-oh-boy did I have a blast, I rode all of the rides that I could, and most of them by myself... the helicopter, the cars, the mini-ferris wheel, the ROLLER COASTER! and finally the tilt-a-world with Mom. I laughed so hard during the tilt-a-world and kept telling Mom, "if you're scared, or if you feel sick, you need to laugh harder!!!". Grace was pretty reticent, and didn't really love the helicopter ride or the merry-go-round, but she did get into the fountain... Man she perked right up and had a great time running about in the water. We brought flowers for great-grandpa, great-great-grandpa and g-g-grandma and g-g-auntie at the cemetery nearby and we had a chance to dry off and take off our wet clothes before heading home for naps all around.(explains why I am still 11pm...) This evening we had a wonderful visit with Auntie Donna and Uncle John for a paleo-dinner, I can get used to this... ribs, sweet potatoes, salad, a delish cobbler! We had fun eating outdoors, playing with bubbles and in the awesome camp chairs Jenna got for us. As always, so wonderful and fun to be able to spend an evening with them! We have a bit of time left here, and I'm sure we will be enjoying the perfect Fresno weather.