Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bikes and Bubbles

Learning, adventure, creating, fun. I don't know feels like that list sort of sums things up. I'm working really hard at learning how to ride my bike this week, I am getting better and better at the riding, its that darn stopping at the appropriate moment that is vexing me. Dad is trying to convince me that stopping doesn't entail wobbling the handle bars back and forth, sticking my legs out and leaping off the seat to crash land. It may work for the grass.. but I hear its not the way to go on concrete. The good news is that I can go pretty decent stretches peddling on my own... no trainers!! Dad has been helping me most, since Mom and I crashed on the concrete... I got a bit of road rash on my arm, mom on her knees with a twisted ankle... After the initial 5 seconds of shocked wailing, I looked down and said "I"m okay, it's just concrete and my elbow, no big deal". Mom limped the rest of the weekend. Mom and I had a super special day on Saturday... We started with waffles and a visit to the park with Joaquin and Val.... always a good time. We had an awesome basketball game (that's Val, the basket), and I taught J. some of my climbing tricks. That afternoon we headed to see Mary Poppins that was in town. I loved it! The chimney sweeps were awesome and I like to sing the classic songs... chim chim chimney,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and the spoon full of sugar. Thanks Grandma Terri for sending us, we loved our special afternoon. Not only am I working on my bike riding (which is also a lesson in patience and working hard at something... this is not coming easy... any tips for all three lessons are appreciated!), Grace is also trying out the bikes! She and I are getting along really well and working together on all sorts of projects, from making Mom's coffee in the morning to taking care of the chickens, to building a new coop. Sunday was pretty nice, awesome family day with a trip to the new Woodstock Farmer's market (complete with climbing wall!), running into lots of friends, butterfly making, resulting in a tired little sis. Everyone who has seen me recently has commented on my increasing height, we'll have to measure me soon. Grace is really into doing things herself (still), Her hard work has paid off, look she can blow bubbles now!, She also loves doing whatever I am doing, itsy-bitsy-spider and the little turtle songs, and reading repeatedly: Wiggle, Jamberry, Mama Mama/Papa Papa, I howl, I growl, Cowboy bunnies. Her word list is a growing... Bows (hair do-s), Outside, more (sign AND clear words), baby, Rwar (dinosaur/Mt lion), book, mwa mwa (water), Hello, bye bye. Bye Bye!

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