Monday, June 20, 2011

from Fresno to Father's day:

Quick recap from Fresno to Father's day: In Fresno with family and friends... fun in the sun, water fights with Grandma (I think Grandma won), Maybe we all won, actually enjoying weather warm enough to get wet in! Bugs. Geode making.Visiting Great-Grandma and G'uncles! Icecream. Looking at pictures.
More fun in the spa. Being grateful for an awesome visit to Fresno and being pretty good about flying back home. Owen did ask Mom when getting off of the plane why it was summer at Grandma's house and not in Portland... good question. Dad finished the fence. Huge radishes to enjoy. Spent Friday morning with us at Bob's Redmill before heading out for a fishing trip. Had a great afternoon with Mom going to the Alphabeticians (kids music at the library), fixing G's anklet, stopping to impulsively buy an old typewriter on the way home (we LOVE it), drove past Ken's Pizza and saw them opening up and nobody in line, so we pulled over for dinner, everyone ate and was well behaved!! Cookies followed. The bad news: truck broke, he had to turn around and come home and miss his tournament. The good news: we got a great day-trip as a whole family out to the coast for some beach-time, fossil hunting, visiting with the fishers after they returned and some good grub (Otis Junction Cafe!). All in all a pretty awesome, though wet and cold day.
FATHER'S DAY! First, let's say, thank goodness for Dads! We, of course, are particularly grateful for our Daddy who makes us wonderful meals, changes my diapers, gives me baths, reads books, plays, fishes, and takes such wonderful care of us always. Love you! We spent the morning puttering around town and headed to Kruger's farm for strawberry picking (alas, forgot the camera, but man we were cute with our red faces and clothes), lunch, pig and chicken gawking. Headed home and Mom put me down for a nap while Owen and Dad headed out to the pond to do some fishing but really ended up newt hunting for most of their trip.

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Rebecca Jackson said...

So much fun seeing you guys last week. Love Owen's cool plaid hat.