Sunday, June 12, 2011


School's out for Mom! well for a week at least so...Yay! To celebrate, we begun tearing down part of our fence that needs replacing. To follow, we wanted to give Dad some time to put it all back together (and get some fishing in) Mom, Grace and I hopped on a plane for a visit with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom!
We've only really been here a few days, but as per usual, we have had loads of fun already! Mom and Grandma got the visit going with an early morning Pilates class, so Grandpa got me and Grace ready in the morning.
We got to go over to the Van's house Saturday for a great swim party! I loved it, though swimming where I can't touch is very different from swim lessons where I can pretty much walk around the whole pool. The folks really think I need to get into some deeper water soon. Grace even tried the pool, but was more happy in the less, crowded, smaller kiddie pool. It was a fantastic afternoon, with friends, a great picnic lunch and everything. We had such a great time! Today we headed over to Storybook land (where we saw and actually pet a most awesome dragon fly who would return and return and return to its same perch) followed by a train ride and afternoon at Playland. Boy-oh-boy did I have a blast, I rode all of the rides that I could, and most of them by myself... the helicopter, the cars, the mini-ferris wheel, the ROLLER COASTER! and finally the tilt-a-world with Mom. I laughed so hard during the tilt-a-world and kept telling Mom, "if you're scared, or if you feel sick, you need to laugh harder!!!". Grace was pretty reticent, and didn't really love the helicopter ride or the merry-go-round, but she did get into the fountain... Man she perked right up and had a great time running about in the water. We brought flowers for great-grandpa, great-great-grandpa and g-g-grandma and g-g-auntie at the cemetery nearby and we had a chance to dry off and take off our wet clothes before heading home for naps all around.(explains why I am still 11pm...) This evening we had a wonderful visit with Auntie Donna and Uncle John for a paleo-dinner, I can get used to this... ribs, sweet potatoes, salad, a delish cobbler! We had fun eating outdoors, playing with bubbles and in the awesome camp chairs Jenna got for us. As always, so wonderful and fun to be able to spend an evening with them! We have a bit of time left here, and I'm sure we will be enjoying the perfect Fresno weather.

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