Sunday, June 05, 2011


June has brought a peek of summer sunshine with it... finally!
Actually, for most of the week it was definitely cold, wet, dreary, we feared summer forgot about us, but Friday we managed to see some warmth and sunshine again. We spent much of it playing in the yard, after moving the chickens and some hole-digging, we headed out to the park and a nice walk around. Owen tried to help me go down for a nap. We got home and he sat in our rocker chair, propped pillows up and grabbed a blankie while Mom was changing me. We actually cuddled for a good 10 minutes before we started the face poking, giggling, not-napping, pretty cute. Saturday started a birthday blast... Actually, we started with a trip with Mom to the farmer's market. Strawberries and peonies are in, which made for a perfect visit. Owen's been studying mushrooms ever since we left his last swim lesson of the session and found "more mushrooms than I could count for as long as mom was willing to stand in the rain", so they headed to the library enroute to home and picked up a field guide that O has been studying. So at the market we got a great bag of miatakes that we can't wait to dig into. That afternoon we headed to T's house to celebrate his 4th birthday! It was a big awesome party, loads of boys running around, but after a long warm-up, I finally got into things.

and enjoyed some digging and running around the backyard,
watching the big kids take down the pinata,
and the cake... mostly got into the chocolate yummy cake.
Today was another party...
We got to celebrate Liam's first birthday at Cathedral park.
It was just cool enough today (and mom's allergy meds seem to be keeping the runny nose under control, which is an improvement),
and we had loads of open space and friends to run around with.
Its really a beautiful park.
We had a great celebration and enjoyed hanging with friends.
I had a great time playing in the pack-n-play with H. ... about 75% sweet silliness and the rest a bit of baby thunderdome, but like a fun thunderdome.
Can't believe little L. is already one, it was great to celebrate that first amazing year.
Happy birthday friends! We are also sending our thoughts and prayers for healing to great-grandma steves and great-grandpa em.

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