Sunday, July 17, 2011

berries and birthday fun!

Friday started with a great trip with Mom to Bob's... Owen ate so many pancakes and we all had a great time watching the water wheel.
But really, it was the sunniest day of the weekend, so after a quick nap, we headed out to smith's berry barn... it's raspberry time! I am sooo happy its berry season again! I totally love the supplement to my otherwise typically limited diet. We picked with our buds... Owen really went to town and did a great job this year! he picked as much as Mom until his friend Joaquin showed, then he had to run around. I am so excited to be noshing on berries, i have even gotten pretty good at making sure to pick ripe raspberries and blueberries (from our bushes). Saturday was Mom's birthday. Mostly we used it as an excuse to get several long deferred chores around the house. I know... exciting right? Mom actually was. In our garage clean-up, we found a gingerbread house that we had forgotten about, so we did that for a project and covered the stale thing with bird seed... which was a great idea until it started to rain... for the rest of the weekend. We did finish up with a great dinner at the carts on division... some tasty beers for the adults, good food for all, and space and an atmosphere tolerant of excited kids. Our friends joined us for a slice of birthday cake that Dad made! Today was quieter. We spent a lot of time with Dad while Mom went for a baby shower and off to work on her grading... summer session is almost officially over! We did get to hang out in the garden for a bit and some time on our bikes. Its our last week at the Y for the summer, and Owen forever... well, except maybe some holidays. We're excited to be home for a while, well, okay on vacation, camp, all over really.

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