Sunday, July 10, 2011


We went on an awesome camping trip this weekend with our friends to Cape Perpetua. It was a beautiful, quiet campground along a lovely stream with loads of hikes all nearby and great tidepools and beaches a short drive away. We arrived Friday night and got busy getting our gear unpacked and in order. Val and Ray made us a perfect dinner of brats (perfect 'cause sausages are on Grace's limited "will eat-no problem" list so she ate more than 2... we all loved them though). We finished up with V's delish berry cobbler! Sat we hiked a ton, to start off, we went down to a giant spruce tree. J. and I practiced our tree climbing,

and bug hunting. Grace wasn't too impressed by the hiking just yet (unless she could ride), but really liked the stream!
After a short break, we headed up to the visitor's center,
learned all about the cape and some new plants and geology. I learned that a whale jaw is bigger than I am! We even saw a baby grey whale hanging around outside for a while! Headed down to the awesome tidepools for lunch and more exploring. We really lucked out with perfect weather, sunny, not too hot or cold, just lovely.Mom and I tried to count all of the different greens you could see... too many really. After catching tadpoles (really... tree frogs in the fresher ponds), and poking all around we headed around the point a bit to find a sandy beach to run on. We had a ball, found more cool tide-pool critters, practiced cartwheels, enjoyed the crashing waves and open spaces. After heading back, and chilling at the visitors center a little bit more, headed back to camp for some naps, some down time, before going into town to grab an icecream and just a wee bit more time at the beach in the afternoon. We settled back down in the evening for a great dinner and, of course, smores! Can't really have a camp-out with out them now should we? Finished up with some nice stories around the campfire.
We slept hard after such a full day. Woke up, had a good Chinese lesson from LiFong and enjoyed some dutch oven cinnamon rolls and said farewell to our friends who headed back to PDX. We took a leisurely morning with a nice hike around the lookout point. Stopped for coffee for Mom and spent the rest of the morning at Smelt beach... it was perfect, full of little agates and tumbled shells and nooks to explore. We had a great time hunting and exploring. On our way home we stopped for lunch at Block 15 brewery in Corvalis and finally made it home by late afternoon. Our berries had ripened and the Chickens sure were happy to see us!

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