Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Home Alone with Dad

On Friday Mom took Owen and I to the zoo for a picinic. We spent a little time looking at the animals, but mostly we were just there to enjoy the really nice weather (finally).

This week we had some sad news... Great Grandpa Emery (Grandpa Tom's dad) passed away. He was always so nice and loving, and we wish we could have spent more time listening to his stories. On Friday night Mom flew out to Michigan for Great-grandpa Em's funeral. We stayed home with just Dad until Monday night. We weren't sure if Dad could keep us entertained for three whole days by himself, but he seemed to manage.

Starting on Saturday morning Dad took Owen and me for a nature walk. I thought for sure we'd have to get in the car and drive somewhere, but it turns out Dad knew of a secret nature trail just a few blocks away. I think it was even closer than the park we sometimes walk to. Turns out there is a small canyon (gully really) in the middle of Reed College with a secret entrance less than a half mile from home.

I rode in the little back pack and Owen did some serious exploring.

At one point Dad warned Owen not to get too close to the mud and next thing we knew Owen was up to his thigh in thick black marsh mud. Yick.

The pond that runs down the length of Reed Canyon is full of wildlife. In fact, at the top of a nice tall foot bridge Owen spotted a large fish. Dad says it was a steelhead (a kind of large trout).
I was more interested in all the ducks. We even found a family of ducks with lots of little ducklings. I think I want to take Mom there to check it out after she gets back.

Saturday afternoon was pretty hot so Dad got out the kiddie pool for Owen and I to play in. We put on tons of sunscreen and had a good time in the water.

On Sunday we walked down to the new farmer's market here in Woodstock. It wasn't as crowded as last weekend when the market opened for the first time, but it was still pretty busy. We bought and ate a pint of fresh tasty strawberries at the market...

and then stopped at Otto's on the way home to grab some hotdogs.

Later that afternoon we had more hotdogs at Kit, Monica and baby Charlie's 3rd of July party. Dad seems to have brought the camera but was too busy socializing to take any photos. We saw Benjamin, Liam, Alice and Henry as well as all of their respective parents and a few of Mom and Dad's friends from work there. It was a lot of fun and Charlie had a few toys in the back yard for us to play with like a kid's tent and a little tunnel to crawl through.

Monday was the fourth of July and we started the day off with a trip to Creston Park in the morning. We climbed all the playground equipment, swung on all the swings and slid down all the slides.

Then Owen found a bunch of baby ladybugs, at least that's what Dad said they were.

I don't know though, does that look like a ladybug to you? Some of the bigger ones did have some orange on them and Dad is a biologist so I guess he's probably right.

Owen tried to show off by doing some cart wheels.

I'm still working on mine, but I think I've got a good start.

When we got home Dad got a call from our friend Eli's parents down the road. Turns out they were going to have a little 4th of July party and we were invited. We went, but once again Dad forgot to take any photos. It was fairly mellow, but still pretty fun.

Finally it was bed time, but the night wasn't over. Mom need to be picked up at the airport around 10:30 and Dad seemed reluctant to let us go to bed just to have to wake us up again in an hour to get in the car. So instead we stayed up and went outside to see some fireworks. Lot's of people in the area seem to like to set off their own fireworks and we could the from our back porch pretty easily. Owen says he even saw a bunch in the car when we went to pick up Mom. I wouldn't know, I was exhausted from the weekends activities and feel asleep within minutes of getting into the car.

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