Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Beachy Birthday Daddy!

Man, summer rocks. We've had a load of fun this week.
Still more bike rides to the park, we stopped a bit one day,
since it was an early walk to avoid the heat for a bite, Grace loved it. A bit later on we enjoyed dinner with Joaquin and Esme and family. We had a great dinner and finished off with a yonana that Grandma Terri got for us.. YUM! Raspberry is my favorite, I think E. liked it too...
We also spent some time making cards
for Dad's birthday this weekend.
This weekend we camped at our third cape this weekend. Cape Lookout!
The campsite was fine (some noisy neighbors but everything else was great), but the beach access was awesome.
It was a pretty fantastic weekend, delish camp-out meals
(mom and grace made flatbread with sausages one night,
Dad did a chili pie the next).
We had long evenings hanging out by the campfire,
enjoying smores,
and most of the days on the beach... I mean really,
can't go too wrong spinning

doing handstands,
flying kites,
digging holes,

Playing at surfing,
showing off our "camping and adventure outfit (and pose)" and
having adventures...
load of adventures,

collecting sand-dollars,
all sorts of cool sea creature parts,
Playing tigers,

running around
all day long!
Today we did get to a Jr. Ranger event where I got to dissect an owl pellet!
It was pretty cool, I found the most intact animal heads... 3 in one pellet!
All rodents, maybe one bird.
Today is also Daddy's 39th Birthday!
I worked a long time to make him this cool castle.
We made him a special cake that we ate for breakfast,
and again after we got home for dinner.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

parks, farms, markets and more!

It has been a great week at home with Mom. We mostly focused on biking anywhere we could go! Mostly down to the park... daily! I benefit too, typically a nap, playing on the structures and if our timing is right... a hotdog! We did break things up a bit and headed out to the farm to pick up a load of cucumbers for Dad, and have a great time in the sunshine, walking with Owen out to the sprinklers (then running away!!) blowing dandelion fluff, making flower chains... full bucolic fun.

This weekend Mom went to Jarrett and LilaRose's wedding! She had a wonderful time and really enjoyed catching up with Suz, Keith and Nate.
We had a pretty good weekend, except I am trying hard to bust a molar through that made me a little grumpy.

However, once or twice daily excursions, to the park, the farmers market, (but best yet) play-dates with Joaquin or Ely kept us busy and having fun. I'm stringing together a few words... have been trying hard to do things on my own, putting on shoes etc.. and will frequently tell mom "No Way" if asked if I need help followed by the very sweet "Go away" with a little hand wave. I also will tell Mom "lua lu" (I love you!)... and give hugs and kisses, makes Mom very happy.

Congratulations Jarrett and LilaRose!