Sunday, August 07, 2011


Oh man, it has been a wonderful, long, warm (weather and hearts) vacation! So many friends, awesome family time. awesome. Well, we continued our California journey heading to Fresno after visiting the bay area. It was so great to see Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ryan... they spoil all of us silly with the attention, the rest (for mom and dad) the play (for me and owen). Our first day in the warm sunshine we got to get Owen geared up for Soccer camp! In addition to a cool soccer store, I got some nice shades, and we all enjoyed a great mexican lunch. Owen and Grandpa broke in the gear a bit with some practice at the nearby school. That evening we got to go to a Grizzly's Game! Our first baseball game in a real park. If you're in Fresno, we highly recommend it... the game was great, the atmosphere... relaxed, the food... classic and yummy! We got caught up on how the game was played, I managed to clap enthuiastically along and I think O. may have actually picked up on some of the strategies! We all had a great time. The next day, we headed to the field before the day warmed up. Owen is showing some serious soccer skills, he can run for days and is really good at dribbling the ball. I gave my bike a try, but really am not quite ready yet. Soccer also was pretty exciting for me as well, maybe in a few years I can do camp too! That afternoon, we got to cool-off at the Mochi's pool! Thank you guys! It was awesome, I got really comfy in the water, and loved playing, leaping, floating around. Owen got to try out his swimming skills in water that was deeper than he could touch and... success! Well, pretty darned close, he did super well, has a nice stroke, and could go across the short-way pretty much by himself. He showed us even further with some nice dives to Uncle Ry in the deep end. That evening we had dinner with the Valentinos! We love visiting with them, they are always so much fun... and full of presents! They brought some delish dessert and awesome toys that are just perfect for us... almost as perfect as the boxes they came in! Thank you Jenna, Uncle John and Auntie Donna!!! Uncle John totally set us up for our zoo visit (keep reading) on Wed. Tuesday we headed to Tulare to visit with Great-Grandma Mary and stopped by the store to see our Great-Uncles as well. We had a nice lunch and a great visit. It is always such a treasure to be able to spend time with these guys. Wednesday was also extremely special... John arranged a special zoo tour for us and our dear friends Rebecca and Noah. We got to see Scott, the director again and also a behind-the scenes super amazing tour. First off we got to visit Kara the elephant and feed her snacks (carrots and celery)! She walked right nearby and we tossed treats to her! She is on a diet (lost almost 2k!) so no apples :( got to say.... we're glad her diet was successful, but she still is HUGE! Felt so lucky to see her up close. Apparently Tusko at the Portland Zoo came from here too! We got to also feed a beautiful giraffe (she got apples). Next stop was the animal hospital, where we got to see a wolf undergo anesthesia for a check-up and a baby 6-week old sweet little anteater with a long long tongue... but wait... it didn't stop there. We got to scratch the backs of some wart-hogs, who just rambled on over and totally rolled over and really enjoyed itself. On the way back to the hay barn, we visited a cute Addax antelope who loved to get his nose blown on. He would smile and quiver with glee! Finally we stopped behind-the scenes of the sting-ray bay with all of the cool filtration set-up ans to visit with a neat off-exhibit nurse shark and horsehshoe crabs.Here is where our awesome tour-guide, Adrianne let us go to explore the rest of the zoo ourselves. We mostly needed a little snack break and saw a few more essential critters (according to Noah... we agree!). We headed out about noon to see Susan for lunch. It was great for us all to get together, though we missed Nolan and the other Dads. The kids all got along super well loads of smiles, nose rubs, laughing, running around, hugs. I think Mom enjoyed visiting with her friends, I took a picture that did a good job capturing their smiles, Dad took a follow-up so we could have everyone's face! After naps, we spent the afternoon in the spa, swimming, splashing, splashing...snacking, enjoying the afternoon!

That night Mom and Dad went out for a movie night, while Uncle Ry, Owen, Grandma, Grandpa and I got a movie night of our own (Rango). The next day we said bye to Uncle Ryan.
We had a relatively quiet day around the house,
with a few errands, Mom had a massage (lucky girl),
grabbed a great dinner at Lunas (followed by ice-cream down the street).
and a walk around the block with zoe!
Friday we said farewell to Grandma and Grandpa and headed on the long drive up to Oregon. It was fairly uneventful... though it was so great to see Scooter again, we missed our pup!
To catch-up on our Oregon summer fun we did hit a blueberry farm pretty well on Saturday
and Dad and Owen with Fishing today while Mom and I walked to the Farmer's market and got a hot-dog at Ottos.
Pshew, love vacations,
really really love visiting with everyone...
but its nice to be home sweet home too!
Seems like summer really starts now, Mom will be off until schools starts so we will be enjoying our time around here as much as possible!


Rebecca Jackson said...

Looks like the rest of your trip was amazing! Thanks for an awesome time at the was so very special.

P.S. I stole some of your photos and added them to our're so much better at taking pictures than I am ;-).

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