Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just do it!

Big week this week... seriously! It has become apparent that I am ready for Kindergarten because I am really into this learning thing. I went to the UK International soccer camp this week, it was pretty fun! I learned a ton of skills... juggling, dribbling, shooting, etc... made some friends, ran around a bunch! My favorite was wacky Wednesday! We dressed up, did wacky dances, had a blast. Grace even got to play a little bit in the mornings before everyone arrived. Afterwards, Mom and her would go for a walk or run an errand or two... Sometimes, as typical, G. wouldn't want to walk or ride in the stroller, so she'd lay down. At least it was better than the high decibel fit she used to... This was pretty much our first big week with just Mom this summer! I think we all did well. Soccer camp took up the mornings, but in the afternoons we enjoyed our gardens, did some art projects, enjoyed the sunshine. So, I said it was a big week, well in addition to learning and playing soccer, I also have been tying my own shoes (thanks Grandma Terri!), beginning to read more (much better at sounding out words), aaannnnnddddd I'm a two-wheel bike rider! Yep, after much anguish, slow starts, nervous braking... bam! Yep, that's me!

The two-wheeler! Not too shabby. I had a day or so of help getting started and trying hard to remember to brake instead of coast to a stop, but afterwards... voila!
Dad and I actually rode to Bimart today... that's like 2 miles! I had a blast. When Mom asked what was different this week compared to all of the previous tries... I said that this time I wasn't scared any more. That and the fake mustache was important too because "it helps"
Otherwise, this week we have had a great time. I think by the end of the week, we were all ready to spend some time with folks outside of the family... so we met Cat Chris and Ben at a cart, for dinner Friday. It was great to see them and catch-up between vacations.
Saturday we got to dine with Joaquin, Esme and Val and play super heroes at their house.
Today Liam and Vanessa came over for a great kabob/tabbouleh dinner. Thank you to everyone for making us feel in touch with the rest of the world! Also... Laura and Joe just welcomed their new little boy into the world! Congratulations!


Rebecca Jackson said...

Way to go Owen!!!!!!!!! So proud of you for riding your bike!

Vanesa said...

Great photo !!!