Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grace is 2!

Happy Birthday Grace!  We had such a great week celebrating Grace's birthday!

She got a lot of cake and all sorts of great presents

 from wonderful family and friends!

The Tulare crew even sent some pretty awesome treasures for me too!

 I can't believe she is 2 already, this summer she has gotten pretty tall, she keeps adding more words to her vocabulary, but has no problem communicating!

She loves purses and grown-up high-heels (though rarely gets to try them on around here),

she is fickle (her favorite answer is Yes..No...Yes... No...Yes..No... Yes... no way.).  She can count to 2 and is working on her colors.

 Favorite foods?  Hummus and guac with a spoon, frozen peas, but she did eat several pieces of Pizza this past week, we were all impressed.  I made G. a new pillowcase!

Again, picked out the fabric, sewed it up, ironed it, the works all myself 'cause I thought G would really like it.   I had a rough Thursday, in fact, the folks got a call from the teacher 'cause I poked a kid with my pencil and was having a hard time keeping my hands to myself... not good, so I'm working really hard at remembering all of the rules and had a much better time on Friday.

Grace had a great morning hanging out with a new friend Liam, they played super great together and had a fantastic morning.  The fun didn't stop there though, Friday afternoon, when I was expecting Mom to pick me up... she arrived with Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom!  It was so wonderful to see them!  I love it when they visit!  They let Mom and Dad go out for a dinner together while we got to order Pizza and have a super fun night.

Saturday was Grace's birthday party!
We had loads of sidewalk chalk and

sidewalk paint out front

and a tea-party out back.

It was a beautiful end-of-summer day

with great weather and

even better friends to share it with.

We finished off a big party day with a lovely dinner on the deck under a beautiful pre-stormy sky.

Today was also pretty cool, we headed over to Ikea to get G. a big-girl-bed.  It is pretty great, a bed, trundle and with drawers underneath.

We said farewell to Grandma and Grandpa that afternoon and headed home.  Spent much of the afternoon assembling the bed (and playing in all of the wrapping).  
All in all, a fantastic weekend, we loved spending time with the Grandfolks and seeing our friends.  What a great way to usher in G's second year and to celebrate the end of summer!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last week of vacation, first week of Kindergarten... awesome

We totally made it through a whole first week of Kindergarten!!  I had a blast, pretty much had Mom to myself to end my last week of summer break.
Owen did great... seriously great, each day the reports were better than the one before.

 Tuesday was pretty great, Mom got to do some volunteer time in the classroom (that's my teach... Mrs. C).

She was pretty excited, they are doing a tile project that will decorate the facade of the school.

 Owen's class did Trees, and they looked fantastic (Mom may have had too much fun... she followed O into the cafeteria).

That afternoon we had an impromptu block party... awesome!

  I even got to try out Aubry's scooter... we have totally bonded. Otherwise, I must be going through a growth spurt... I keep crashing and have two head bruises/scratches to show for at least five tumbles just walking down the street.

 Wednesday, Owen had such a great day in class, that we celebrated with some extra time at the park (bonus for me!).

I am getting where I really like the swings, merry-go-round,

giant, super tall slide.

Owen is learning how to push me on the swing... he gets a little fancy.  The rest of the week was similarly great, I loved spending some special girl-time running errands and playing a ton with Mom.  Friday we all celebrated a great week with ice-cream!

It was fun, we ran into Julius and Simone too who were great at making us all laugh.  This weekend, Dad had a bass fishing tourney and came in 2nd with a nice 16 3/4 in small mouth bass!  Congrats Dad!

We had a fun day with Mom hitting up little big burger (I ate mine and Owen's, while he filled up on their nice crispy fries) again as well as Mr. Green beans, Mom is into a culturing kick...Owen helped Mom make yogurt and she started some keifer, which it appears is like thin yogurt... so not too different functionally, but she's interested in trying water keifer too.  Also hit a fabric store, Owen is giving sewing a shot... he stepped a bout five feet into the craft store and found his two fabrics within about 45 seconds... so not Mom's method.
 We got to go to the awards ceremony and hang with all of the kayak fishers. 
It was pretty fun.  That evening Owen and Mom worked on his pillow case, he worked so hard and focused so well.  He ironed and sewed it... seriously ALL himself.  Mom hovered very closely through the whole process.

Owen did a fantastic job, though when he took a break for dinner, he had a stomach ache, even though it was one of his favorite dinners.  He said it was stressful because of all of the danger.  However when he finished he claimed it was the best craft project ever ... 
in part because of all of the danger!  He was super pleased with himself.  
The weather has changed... definitely autumnal in the long-pants, occasional sweater and even some rain gear.

Mud-pies have turned into hot chocolate or soup.  Everything starts back to "normal" again... work, daycare, school... settling into a routine should be a new adventure!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Okay folks, this is a big one... this has been my last week of summer vacation and my very first day of school ever! HELLO Kindergarten! I was pretty nervous to be honest.
We had one more item on my summer bucket list to do before heading back to school though, so Monday we packed a nice picnic at the park.
There... (Zoo... check, Picnic (not at the same time as the others...done), Beach... check) I was probably ready now. I had an assessment and a meeting with my teacher on Tuesday.
We practiced riding bikes to school, Dad hung with Grace while Mom and I went into the school and I answered a bunch of questions about letters and numbers, learned that my big Kindergarten class was split into two small classes (YAY!) and headed down the hall to meet my teacher Mrs. C. She was awesome!
By the time all of this checking out the classrooms, the teachers, the library, the halls was over I told Mom "I was really nervous, but this isn't going to be just good, it is going to be great!!"
So, you could say everything went well. To celebrate, Mom took us downtown to play at Jamison Fountain for the afternoon. We had a great time, though had to leave a touch early as a result of some unbecoming behavior on my part. Friday was the first real day of school for me though, so we had a few more days to enjoy. Wednesday we headed to the park again and met up with all sorts of neighborhood kids and kindergarteners, as well as Pearl, who will be in Mrs. C's class with me (we're locker buddies and sit next to each-other!). It was so great to be able to hang out with a bunch of kids in the same boat as myself. Grace and I had a great day playing until we were worn out (and Mom was hungry). One more day of summer vacation... to mark the occasion, Mom took us to OMSI. It has been ages since we've been. Grace loved the sand-pit and the art area, but was getting tired just as I made some new friends. I LOVE OMSI and was so thrilled to be able to spend the morning running around there. That evening we went up to Mississippi to have dinner at little big burger (super yum) and some ruby jewel ice-cream (double super yum)... what an exciting send-off to summer vacation. Finally, really what you've been waiting for... the first day... ever... of kindergarten. I'll say it went well... smooth, Mom didn't cry (in front of me). Rode to school with Dad and got to use the bike lanes for the first time ever. Got in on-time... major accomplishment, put my bag in my locker, found my seat, and got my first assignment... practicing my numbers ... I did great. Mom picked me up in the afternoon and I reported that I got the "hot lunch" and ate an apricot, carrots, yogurt, and a chocolate milk... but didn't finish the yogurt or chocolate milk (shock) 'cause you have to eat really fast and I didn't have time. Then we checked out the play equipment, took a good tour of the school to see where everything was, I reported that during recess, I just ran around after Pearl. All in all a pretty cool day. We checked out the Y afterschool program, looked a little chaotic, but I think things will get together soon. That evening we celebrated with a green pizza (pesto with fresh tomatoes... my favorite) and Alice, Henry and their folks and Dad and Chris brewed a beer. We relaxed a bit on Saturday, Friday totally wore everyone out, but we broke-in the new (to us) bike carrier Mom found at the consignment store... now Grace and Dad can bike with me to school once Mom goes back to work! We hung around home and Mom went to the fabric store. Today though, we got to celebrate Alex's first birthday! Pretty awesome! I had a blast running around their yard and playing with the chalk and scooters. After we got Grace down for a nap, Mom and I met J. and V. for gelato and a doughnut. It was so nice to see my friends who I have been asking about a lot lately, but again I used up my good behavior earlier in the day and kinda broke down on our walk. Pshew. Spent a quiet rest of the afternoon cleaning out my room, playing outside, eating huckleberries. (tart huckleberries). Seriously, loads of fun, great new adventures... can't wait!

Happy Birthday Grandma Steves! We miss you!