Sunday, September 04, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Steves!

We had an awesome week with a most wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa Steves! We totally bonded and had loads of fun together. I clearly started saying Grandma and Grandpa and would be so sad whenever they would leave for the evening to stay at our friends' house (who were on vacation themselves... THANK YOU!!). We started out with relatively mild-mannered days, hanging around home, going for walks to the park... Owen showed-off his biking skills, I showed them my slide bravado ( head-first on the heels of Owen). We made pizza with Grandma, and had a blast hanging out! We did head down-town to explore and ended up at the museum of craft and saw a Nikki McClure exhibit, met up with Daddy and grabbed some delish food at Chen's Good taste. I actually ate a ton (esp. won-tons... my favorite). We finished up with a beautiful visit to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It was a lovely afternoon, sunny, perfect for exploring the garden and downtown. The water lillies and lotus were blooming and fish were out and splashing around. We had some time to sit, relax, enjoy the sunshine (and fish stories). The next day we headed up to Hood River. We lucked out again with a great day. Stopped at Multnomah Falls to admire the beautiful bridge, falls, scenery. We took a short hike then hopped back into the car to get out to the farm to grab some tomatoes, We did well, over 70 lbs (took all day today to process... pshew) We lucked out with a box of peaches as well. The corn maze was open and we explored that too! From the farm you could see the fires in the Cascades creating a cloud that surrounded Mt Hood and a pretty amazing view of Mt. Adams as well. Finished off with dinner at some carts... topped off with a fondue dessert... Yum! On their last full day here, we had a bit of a party... you may consider it a working party since most of the guests helped Daddy harvest his hops. They got a whopping 12lbs! That's a lot from 2 plants and a lot of patient and generous friends! Not only did us kids have a great time running wild, playing with the chickens, playing copy-cat with aubry... but the grown-ups chatted, ran after kids, enjoyed some NY white-hots and made some beer with the fresh hops! All in all a great day and a great week with the grandfolks! We are so grateful that you were able to come out for a visit! We love being able to share Portland with you and spend time bonding with you!

Also we wanted to say HAPPY 60th Birthday Grandma Terri! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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Watching those pics and reading the post was like I was there.

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