Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Halloween doesn't seem so much to be a day as it is a season around here!  This whole week has been full of costumes, treats, excessive sugar...

Owen had a few great days at school, so we celebrated with some awesome skull brownies that Grandma Terri had brought us.

Friday was the Harvest Carnival at Owen's school.

It was our first Harvest Carnival and it was pretty crazy... a great haunted house, cupcakes, apples, booty, crafts, friends!
 It was a lot of fun!  Saturday the we spent the morning grabbing breakfast at Bob's Red Mill and cleaning up around the yard a bit. 
 Dad cut Owen's hair.  It may need some sprucing on the top, but all in all not bad. 
 It was a pretty day, Love all of the red and yellow leaves in our yard.

 The chickens love them too, lots to shuffle through.

That evening we headed over to Alice and Henry's house for their annual Halloween Party!!!

There were loads of friends, so many really impressive costumes!

JJ the tiger tamer,

 Good night gorilla,

owl with a tree (and not pictured a dead mouse mouse),

 Kiki and Tombo,

 Pumpkin and Totoro,

 Captain Hammer and a dancing monkey!  Awesome right!!?? Had a great time with everyone; a fantastic evening.  Today we decorated cookies at church (nothin' like starting the day hopped up on frosting), headed back up to Mississippi for lunch and Mr. Green Beans, then hung out at home for the afternoon, chillin' with Daddy while Mom wrote a test.  Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The color of pumpkin

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.  
I've got my first loose tooth, a bottom mid-left.  It is soooo cool!  I thought I had broke my tooth when I bit into a bean burrito, but I guess these things just happen sometimes.  I had a better week in Kindergarten, much better in the classroom, but the boarders when at recess are something we're still working on, but much better over all. 

 I've had a few play-dates at Pearl's house and even told the folks that I "girlfriend-love" Pearl.

Grace and Mom had a baking day at home on Friday, chocolate chip cookies and Randall's pumpkin-chocolate bread.  We went on a great walk afterschool, I got to show off my tile as it was installed last week on the front steps of school.

Hello cool tree tile!

 Alas on our walk we  lost Grace's fuzzy bunny "Belly", so had an extra-long walk looking for where we may have dropped her.  No luck.  I gave Grace my equally fuzzy bear and she transitioned okay after a day or so.

  Otherwise, this weekend we had a Saturday full of applesauce, leaves,

yard chores,

Daddy's cheap beer tasting party.  Actually got going on the applesauce first thing in the morning.  made two varieties,

a Winter  Banana & Tokyo Rose (blonder version) and an Akane & Winesap (made pink applesauce).

Grace helped wash the apples,

 I helped put them through our new mill...

 made the whole process MUCH faster since we didn't have to peel or core them.  We were done by breakfast.

We rounded off the end of our day with a great spaghetti dinner at church.  I didn't actually eat the spaghetti (??) but did enjoy a good amount of the rolls and salad.  Today was pretty mellow, a quiet morning after church and attempted to put Grace down for a nap forever (finally gave up).  However, we did finish with an awesome Pumpkin carving PARTY!  at Joaquin and Esme's house. 
 We had a blast, I actually carved my own pumpkins this year!

 Grace also got in on the fun.

  We always love playing with our pals,

but it was extra fun to have such a great event to kinda get this Halloween season rollin'.

  There were loads of awesome friends there, and we really had a great afternoon.

Not only did we have a nice afternoon, but we finished up with some pretty great pumpkins too!

 In other news, loose tooth... crazy, Grace also has used the potty successfully a good 5 or six times now.  We are SOOOO Excited, there is a dance party and some cheers every time.  I'm as excited if not more so than the folks.  Grace is also really proud of herself.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Personal Best

It has been everything a beautiful autumnal weekend should be... long, golden, filled with fun and pumpkins! 

 Thursday Owen got a great report from school, a personal best day yet!

 He got to bring home the share bag and a nice note from his teacher, we are all so pleased!  We celebrated with a movie (Kiki's delivery service) and sushi night!  The folks had hit the Japanese grocery store earlier so we had some tasty goodness to roll up.

 I even got a try, but really Owen and Daddy were the super-rollers.

Friday Owen had off so he could hang with me and Mom.

  We spent the morning at Liam and Pearl's house doing art projects and playing a bunch.  Everyone had a great time, it was a little hard to leave! Otherwise, it was an afternoon of more art projects (egg carton spiders)

 and making nests in the living room with ALL of the blankets and pillows!

   Saturday was awesomeness.  Owen woke up and made his bed (and arranged his loveys),

 We headed back up the hill to spent some time wandering the Hood River area.  Had a nice mosey around town complete with a great pizza lunch

(that I actually ate a whole piece of!!) at Double Mountain Brewery and a baguette at the nearby bakery.  Yum!  

We then headed up to Rasmussen farms

for pumpkin pickin!

We got two excellent pumpkins
 as well as about 50lbs of apples.

 They really deck out the farm for the holidays,there was pumpkin bowling,

odd gourd fairy-tale painting and  Owen and I did a great job in the corn-maze. 
 It made me  a little nervous,

but Owen held my hand the whole way.

Mostly, we just love the beautiful views, apple eatin'

and wide open spaces for running around.

  We made a few more stops on our Mt Hood tour:

A nearby glassworks where we got to see them blowing glass pumpkins (awesome)

and another farm down the street (draper girl) for the farm animal viewing.

  It was a long, beautiful and fun day.

Today has been much more low-key.

 Owen, Mom and Dad did some potato printing in the garage while I was napping.  
This afternoon we have been helping Dad and Chris^2 make another batch of beer and decorate our front yard for halloween.  I guess it really is fall!  The birch overhanging our fence is fully yellow and some red leaves are starting to show up on the ground around the chicken coop.  It is more frequently wet or rainy, but today was so nice, we were thrilled to spend it hanging out, outside.