Sunday, October 23, 2011

The color of pumpkin

Wiggle wiggle wiggle.  
I've got my first loose tooth, a bottom mid-left.  It is soooo cool!  I thought I had broke my tooth when I bit into a bean burrito, but I guess these things just happen sometimes.  I had a better week in Kindergarten, much better in the classroom, but the boarders when at recess are something we're still working on, but much better over all. 

 I've had a few play-dates at Pearl's house and even told the folks that I "girlfriend-love" Pearl.

Grace and Mom had a baking day at home on Friday, chocolate chip cookies and Randall's pumpkin-chocolate bread.  We went on a great walk afterschool, I got to show off my tile as it was installed last week on the front steps of school.

Hello cool tree tile!

 Alas on our walk we  lost Grace's fuzzy bunny "Belly", so had an extra-long walk looking for where we may have dropped her.  No luck.  I gave Grace my equally fuzzy bear and she transitioned okay after a day or so.

  Otherwise, this weekend we had a Saturday full of applesauce, leaves,

yard chores,

Daddy's cheap beer tasting party.  Actually got going on the applesauce first thing in the morning.  made two varieties,

a Winter  Banana & Tokyo Rose (blonder version) and an Akane & Winesap (made pink applesauce).

Grace helped wash the apples,

 I helped put them through our new mill...

 made the whole process MUCH faster since we didn't have to peel or core them.  We were done by breakfast.

We rounded off the end of our day with a great spaghetti dinner at church.  I didn't actually eat the spaghetti (??) but did enjoy a good amount of the rolls and salad.  Today was pretty mellow, a quiet morning after church and attempted to put Grace down for a nap forever (finally gave up).  However, we did finish with an awesome Pumpkin carving PARTY!  at Joaquin and Esme's house. 
 We had a blast, I actually carved my own pumpkins this year!

 Grace also got in on the fun.

  We always love playing with our pals,

but it was extra fun to have such a great event to kinda get this Halloween season rollin'.

  There were loads of awesome friends there, and we really had a great afternoon.

Not only did we have a nice afternoon, but we finished up with some pretty great pumpkins too!

 In other news, loose tooth... crazy, Grace also has used the potty successfully a good 5 or six times now.  We are SOOOO Excited, there is a dance party and some cheers every time.  I'm as excited if not more so than the folks.  Grace is also really proud of herself.

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