Sunday, October 02, 2011


 Yeah, that's me... eating hummus ... with a spoon (out of the tub... classy).  It has been autumnal around here.  That means... Greek Festival!

Woo hoo for sticky gooey treats!  Mom and I met Val and Esme there on Friday, I think it's Mom's favorite festival of the year.

We actually did a low-key job of it this year, the crowds are, well hectic and us gals were a bit on the tired side.

Saturday I hit another milestone... perhaps one of my most major milestones according to Owen... In stead of being Grace the destroyer of leggo and block structures... I became.... Grace the builder!  Owen was beside himself with joy and hope, I was fairly pleased.  Otherwise, we had a Saturday full of play-dates... a new friend from Owen's school in the morning... they got along super great, and it will be good to have another friend whose name he knows at school (He has had a hard time with names).

 That afternoon J. and E. came over for a delish green-pizza (pesto) dinner. topped off with some home squeezed grape juice from Val's garden!

 Owen was soooo excited to have Joaquin around to play with.

The fellas came down with a bad case of the giggles a few times and we all had a great evening together.  Today, well, pretty mellow, just church and figuring out how to deal with our storage situation.  It lead to another trip (just Dad) to Ikea and a few more book cases.  A quiet, but busy day putting things together and moving stuff around (and dealing with way too much cardboard) and chatting with Grandma Terri on the phone.

 We're still not done yet, but its coming along.  I did get to enjoy being outside for a short while, just to show the chickens my cute purse though.

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