Sunday, October 09, 2011

toilet talk

 Behold, our first, and only apple from my apple tree.  It was perfect and Delicious (well its a honeycrisp, but it was great!).  I had a fantastic week at school, no frowny faces, no spending extra time in my room... all great!  When Mom and G. picked me up from school on Friday, We hung out in the playground with some of my classmates for a little bit.  We had a fantastic time.

 Grace worked on climbing up the chain ladder to the tall, fast slide.  I helped her get down though (many times!).  She was pretty serious about getting her baby buckled into the stroller,

then proceeded to slowly and recklessly push the stroller most of the way home.  Once in a while though she'd let Mom push and RUN along with me!

 Mostly a quiet weekend.  We hit the farmer's market... it had been quite a while since we've been.  They've been letting those veg. I didn't shrink...

those carrots and beets are the size of my head!  I picked out an awesome and sweet bunch of very purple carrots.

Had a yummy two-tarts cookie break (obligatory) before heading up to the secret playground...

(G. of course, likes to wait until she is on Dad's shoulders before saying how much chocolate she feels she has on her hands and face) I was, if you don't mind me patting myself on the back, pretty awesome.

 I went up the fire pole twice, went across the monkey bars more times than we bothered to count... forward, backward and sideways!  As soon as my wingspan gets a bit wider, I'll be skipping bars! That afternoon, we had beautiful temperatures and sunshine so

 G. and I spent it in the back-yard making one more batch of mudpies... turned hot chocolate while Mom and Scooter enjoyed the sunshine on the deck.

  When Dad got back from his fresh-hop beer tasting event, he made us some great chanterelle raviolli, while G tried on costumes.

  She makes a pretty awesome ballerina doesn't she?  Or maybe  a socialite.  I tell you, I am sure one day toy-dinos will be all the rage.

Today we almost finished reorganizing G's and my room.  I got my desk and bookcase set-up and G is slowly claiming her room from Mom and Dad's storage area.

 I totally LOVE doing work at my desk, and have started fabricating homework so that I "have-to" set there and "Color space and label it all".  We did finish up with a nice play-date with Joaquin while Grace napped and Daddy made some lasagna (I guess it's just an Italian sort of week).  I LOVE visiting with my friends (even when mom can't remember her camera).  BIG NEWS though... after bath, G. was not feeling like putting her diaper on, so Mom said, "Either you put the diaper on or you sit on the potty"  so G. ran off to the potty.  A few moments later, she came out and told us the good news!  Pee in potty!  Sure 'nuf, our gal had done so without any real cajoling!  YAY GRACE!.  Such an event is worthy of an awesome Uke. solo.  Goooo Grace!

So proud of you sister!


Val said...

Grace! I love the ukelele au naturel celebration!

Rebecca Jackson said...

Way to go G! Love the "happy dance"!