Sunday, November 13, 2011

fun with friends and halloween recap

Well, somehow with all of the excitement of the lost tooth last week... we somehow totally overlooked Halloween.

We did have halloween though, it was pretty awesome... a great evening at Pearl and Liam's house.

 An awesome halloween party followed by trick-or-treating around their neighborhood then ours.  Not a bad way to spend a monday

!  Otherwise, this weekend was pretty nice.  Owen had a lot of time off of school, so Mom and Dad traded time on Thursday with him.  Mom and him had a great afternoon walking around town.

 Friday we spent the morning with Pearl and Liam again, it was pretty fun, we did lots of art projects

and had a great time.  Saturday was quiet, mostly running errands, making pumpkin muffins,

 taking care of stuff around the house and the garden.  Today has been pretty awesome, our friends who were at WSN spend some time with us in Portland!  We got to visit with Emily and Levi (we still have Levi tonight!).

  Owen and Mom took them to the Saturday market

 while I napped.

We had a great dinner at Laurelwood before taking E. to the airport.  

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Emily said...

It was great to see you guys! Thanks for showing us a little bit of Portland. =)