Sunday, November 06, 2011


 Well, its gone!  I lost my first tooth on Thursday, with just a little help from Dad who tied a piece of floss around it, after wiggling it like crazy all evening to no avail.  It was sooo exciting, it didn't hurt at all

. (That's me on the phone with Grandpa, who had tried to talk me through pulling it out earlier) Best of all, I got to put it into my monster tooth pillow to await a tooth fairy visit.  Score... a gold dollar!

 Talk about a great highlight to the week!  It even came on a good day, I had a great report from my teacher (after several tough days in a row) and a lovely evening at home (same as previous parentheses).  This week got quite cold, and we're sneaking outside when its not too rainy AND cold.    Friday we got to walk around downtown with Pearl and her family, which was great, followed by a laughing planet dinner with Benajmin's crew.

Saturday also started out well, a yummy crepe breakfast (I noticed that it seemed a lot more like dessert than breakfast... but was NOT complaining), followed by a day just hanging out.
 Today after church we headed over to the forestry center which had a Coffee exhibit on...

really a bunch of vendors and tastings for Mom.

The Forestry Center has, as it turns out, a lot more going on than just coffee...

there were loads of cool activities for us to do and everyone had a really fun time.

  This evening was super special for Mom and Grace... they went to Pinklicious... the musical!

They went with friends and Grace reportedly was completely focused the whole time and left full of excitement (not best expressed by the photos).


Unfortunately, I came down with chills in the midst of running errands with Dad... I have had a bit of a cough, but that was about it until now.  Hopefully I can pull out of it soon.  Its already a short week at school. 

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