Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yellows and Oranges

 Fall seems particularly colorful this year, and it has lasted for a few weeks.  At my afterschool program, we had a big day on Thursday; we had a major jog-a-thon.  It was inside due to weather, so we ran laps around the gym for 20 minutes.  I totally booked the whole time and finished with 54 laps... Top speed,  every time I'd get my tag checked off (every lap), I would put on a burst of speed and pass as many other kids as I could.  Most impressive.  That day we also had a fun dance class and Mom scored some tickets to see the new Muppets movie.  Dad took me, but with all of the activity, I was sort-of done by half way through (it was late after all and I had been really busy).  However, it was a graceful exit and we had a great day.  We had a nice Pizza night on Friday with our pals.

We made some delish pies... my favorite was the pesto with broccoli, but Mom liked the addition of pumpkin and goat cheese... soooo good.

It was a great sudden dinner party (our favorite kind really).  Saturday was also friend filled.  We got to spend the morning with Uncle John who came into town for work.

Had a nice breakfast at Cafe Bijou

 and spent a little time wandering around the Farmer's Market before parting ways.

It was a perfect day at the market, there were tons of beautiful produce and beautiful leaves and the chilly morning kept the crowds down.

 We spent most of the rest of the day cleaning out overflowing dressers and making deliveries of hand-me-downs around town, visiting friends and enjoying the afternoon.  Today was an epic church day, a joint service with 11 local churches, it was cool but a little overwhelming.

 We grabbed a nice lunch at the noodle house on the way home and spent the afternoon running errands, then making weebles with Mom while Grace napped.

 I got so into it that I started looking like a weeble too!

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