Sunday, December 11, 2011


 We wish you... a week as full of color and friends as ours has been!  Owen had a great week at school, to celebrate, Mom and he went to the bakery after school for a hot chocolate and baguette with butter and jam...

 (a favorite for both).  Afterwards they came by the Y early to pick me up

and we all went to the Zoo to catch the lights.

 We had excellent timing,

we had a nice afternoon while it was still light out to see a few animals then caught the train just as the sun went down.

 It was spectacular!

 We usually pass on the train ride to avoid the huge line but since it hadn't formed yet... mom and dad were game!  Its a great way to see all the lights!

Saturday we got going early and headed back to the Y 'cause Santa was coming!  Seriously, SANTA himself comes to the Y.

 It is so cool that he takes time out of this busy time of yearl

I was pretty excited... from a distance, not terribly excited to go up to see him.

Owen, however did great.  We also went with our friends Pearl and Michelle.

 They did awesome too,  we told Santa what we wanted for Christmas. Smiled, had a fun morning.

The y was totally decked out for the holidays as well... this the door for my class... 

We also did all sorts of craft projects.

We spent the afternoon home with Dad while Mom ran around to the various craft shows in town.

That evening we got to go to the CLR Christmas Party at Dr. Mark's house.

 We always have a great time,

 there were a lot of other friends there to run around with (grown-up and small).

 We did a white-elephant exchange and Owen ended up with ... guess.

 A BOWLING PIN... perfect since bowling is his new favorite sport. 
All in all a lovely evening with everyone.

But wait, the holiday fun didn't stop there.  After church this morning we went their advent fair, where we had a great time decorating cookies, wreathes, making ornaments.

My very favorite was making cookies...

I mixed, cut and

 decorated them!

 Owen worked really hard putting together a wreath....

he did a great job!

After church we headed downtown to pick-up Uncle John.  We had a nice lunch at Kenny and Zukes (where I got to borrow his glasses... pretty dapper looking eh?)

 before taking him to the airport.  This afternoon, in accordance with instructions from the advent house... 
we made decorations with glitter! GLITTER!!!

 Provided, of course.

It was a nice way to end the holiday spirited weekend.

We lost Great-Grandma Steves this week.  We are thankful that we got to meet her and that she is at peace, but we will miss her.  She was always so thoughtful, sharp and a strong foundation of the extensive Steves clan.  We are so lucky to have known our Great-grandma Steves and grateful that she has touched our lives.

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