Sunday, December 04, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Well, this week we really embraced the beginning of the Christmas season.  Brought out the Christmas CDs, started decorating, the temperature is definitely crisp.  This week was, well, I wouldn't say uneventful, but not necessarily the sort of stuff you linger on... I got in trouble at school, call to Dad from principal, the works.  SO... the folks kept things pretty focused and serious for much of the rest of the school week.  Grace had to play on her own some of the afternoons... but she did well.

She's working up to Cousin Katie's standard of block stacking, but has a little ways to go.  After really good reports for the rest of the week, we had a few excursions.  First, the folks took us to our first distillery. Well, House Distillery was having a bit of a bazzar, with all sorts of food and beverage vendors.

 It was really pretty nice, we even got a little Christmas shopping done!  Then we headed out to our excessively distant tree farm.  I call it "ours" because its the only way the folks can explain driving past 50 other perfectly nice looking tree farms to get to the Mt Hood tree farm, but the people are nice, the view, when clear is impressive, and the trees.... man it's so cool to get the perfect tree every year.  We love it.  It doesn't come easy though.

We did wake Grace up from her nap, so she wasn't quite as interested in the hunt.

 We saw probably 10 trees that were great for us, but finally decided on this perfect one.  Beauty eh?

  I helped Dad carry it back to the car

(only totally fell down on some blackberry once), grabbed a cuppa hot cider and a cookie and we hauled it home for decorating!

A few hours later...

 a beautiful tree!

 I immediately grabbed our Christmas books and started looking through them under the tree and declared that we would HAVE to read one under the tree every night...

 I think Mom was good with that plan.

Today was clear (thus chilly), Mom made Grace go outside with her while checking on the chickens, and couldn't resist a few pictures (even though Grace was hardly amused)

of G. in Mom's old adorable toggle jacket from when she was a baby in Chicago.  Grace likes it okay (it has pockets, it's cool), but we love it on her.

 When we got home from Church, we found that Scooter (no picture of mister guilty dog) managed to eat two sticks of butter that were softening on the counter... AND regurgitate at least one of them outside of my door... on the carpet.  Anyone know how to get copious amounts of butter vomit out of carpet???  This has taken much of Mom's attention this afternoon.   Later, we started on some door decorations and wrapping paper.

Mom and I actually made most of them, Grace lost interest when she realized that we were stamping with apples and carrots, her favorite produce, so stopped for a nosh.

Hope the season is starting off with sparkles, snacks and love for you too!

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