Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Okay folks, as you may expect during the Christmas season, we like to keep busy, so brace yourselves for an onslaught of pictures!  Owen hung out with Mom for most of the week since they were both off school.  I stayed in at the Y so they could (a) play without me (Boo) and (b) run more errands (yay, glad to miss that).  Among the super fun stuff they did was go rollerskating with Pearl, Liam and Angie!  
Owen did pretty well, though needs a bit more rink time to build confidence.  It was pretty cool though, it was just for little kids and they had a lesson and really helpful instructions.  They had a blast.  

They even included a milk and cookies break.  

The next day Mom and Owen went to lunch and the ballet with Joaquin and Val.  First they hit laughing planet.

Then to the Nutcracker!  The guys did really well and enjoyed it!  Owen liked the first half, when the tree grew and grew and they had the dancing toys (that he liked to explain were actually humans... not robots).  

We opened a few gifts from the NY family before leaving and were excited to get some great Christmas jammies and some cool toys (I love groceries!  must be in the blood), and a publish your own book for Owen.  Thanks guys!

Finally we took off for Grandma and Grandpa's house!  It was a long drive down, but really pretty smooth.  Owen and I stayed awake for most of it, listening to a book on tape, so it wasn't too bad.  We had two great breaks, Met up with Alice, Henry , Robyn and Dan for breakfast at Morning Glory in Ashland... pretty amazing considering we both left "late" then drove 5 hrs and arrived within minutes of each other.  Then at La Favorita for an early dinner in Sac (mmm churros).

After a good night's sleep, we got settled into the Fresno Christmas groove.  First up... Lunch with Auntie Becky, Noah, Auntie Susan and Nolan!  We had a great time, it is always wonderful to see them and we kept entertained by a (opened early) birthday gift for Owen from Uncle Derek and Auntie Debbie... Balloon Animals!  Owen and Dad are getting to be quite good at these.

 By the time we were done, Uncle Ryan had come into town and brought Great-Grandma Mary down to Fresno to stay the night.  We had a great time with her.  I LOVE hanging out with my Great-Grandma.  We played peek-a-boo, giggled, went to see Christmas lights together and ate a fantastic feast.  The next morning we headed to the dog park followed by a visit to the cemetaries (Belmont and Mountain View) to visit my Great-Grandpa Jerry, Great-Great Grandparents (both sides) and Great great aunt... though in truth I slept through much of it.  We sent Great-Grandma back home with the Grandfolks that afternoon.

Christmas Eve!  We made it to the family service at Hope.... barely, it was packed and we had to split up, but we did pretty well.  The candy-cane given during the childrens' sermon resulted in a mini-bath in the bathroom before we headed over to Auntie Donna and Uncle John's house for dinner.  We just got Santa (well, he came back when we arrived, took a break from his rounds in the neighborhood.  Super nice guy that Santa).  Owen and I really spent most of our time playing tiger on the stairs before loading up GIANT presents and leaving a little early to get ready for Santa.  Dad took us home, Owen put out cookies and milk for Santa.

Christmas Morning:  Owen was so excited.  He woke up thrilled... he was so excited and couldn't stop chatting!  Santa brought him a bunch of monogrammed hankerchiefs, which he insisted were just really special towels.  He got everything on his list... Rain pants, remote control rattle snake and (a book on how to build a) Catapult!  AND much more... a very exciting electric scooter, loads of leggos and playmobiles, books, clothes...   I was so very happy with the cute stuffed animals (esp. a replacement for my long-lost bunny).  In truth, in spite of all of the exciting toys and lovely things I got, I was super excited about the necklace/bracelet and the barrel of monkeys Santa put in my stocking.  Well, those and the cute tights I got and insisted on wearing with a (too short) shirt for an extra special outfit for the day.

After opening presents in the morning and eating Norwegian pancakes for breakfast, we headed down to Tulare to visit with my Great-Uncles, Great-Auntie, Cousins, and Great-Grandma!  We had a wonderful lunch of Lobster and lamb followed by a dinner of tamales!  Soooo good, well everyone ate  that but me, I just ate lamb... and cookies.  lots of lamb.

 Oh, and Owen had a really wiggly tooth... this is Great-Grandma telling him not to touch it.

Just before Grandpa Tom pulled it out!  My second tooth headed under the pillow that night

So very much excitement, Friends, Family, Gifts, Fun, Pshew... I"m pooped.  We are unwinding a little bit.  Had a movie day yesterday.  I slept through half of it, but Owen said Alvin and the Chipmunks was the best movie he had ever seen!  
 Merry Christmas dear ones, I wish you all joy.

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