Sunday, December 18, 2011

not a creature was stirring.....

Well, maybe some stirring, but not too much!  It is a surprisingly chill week.  School has been going much better, good reports daily, which I know makes me very proud (and the folks too). I got my letter to Santa into the mail... it was decorated with our tree and reads

"Dear Santa, I would like rain pants, a rc rattlesnake and a catapult.  Love, Owen."

 I had a great week, since we got such good reports, we have been baking in the evenings all week, mostly to finish our gingerbread men.

We finally got them done and delivered... so much fun, I warned Mom against opening the oven too early 'cause they may run out...  On Friday we had our friends over...

they brought dinner (Thanks guys!) and Dad and Val tackeled some screen printing

 while the rest of us played then watched Elf together.

 Saturday we made some cranberry muffins, a little tart,

but nothing a load of Jam can't cure.  Otherwise, just a day around the house, Daddy bottled some beer,

though we had an exciting snowball fight!

  Wait, did I say snowball?

 I meant cotton ball, but pretty fun!  We did go out for a little date with Mom to the bakery which was pretty fun.

 Today we had a little pagent at Church, I was a Shepard and Grace was an angel,

perfect since we've been reading the Littlest Angel that Grandma Steves sent us (in our awesome Christmas Jammies... Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa!).

We ran some errands around town , Grace played while I got my hair cut, then while she napped...

 in the car I got to play at laurelhurst.

 Our final errand was to pick up some Crab... It has been well over a year since we had a crab feast, so we are pretty excited to get it all cooked up.

 I helped Dad break-up the crabs and make the sauce... and frankly everything but the final cooking.  YUMMY!

Grace is talking and SINGING a lot more, the most common song these days is "Now I know My A-B-Ds!" loudly and on repeat.  The video doesn't quite do it justice, but Mom doesn't seem to have the camera available in the car to capture the A-B-D's in full glory.  She can actually do most of the whole alphabet and has been counting to 10!  Impressive :)

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