Sunday, January 15, 2012


Finally getting back into a more normal routine.  We all had school this week, to celebrate getting through it all, we grabbed some ice-cream after wu-shu.  Mint chocolate... my favorite.  Grace did pretty well and I was really surprised when we ran into a friend from Wu shu showed up too!  In spite of the cold, it was a great way to finish things up.  

 When we got home, we did some water-color painting.  Really, Grace got totally into it and had a good time.
 She finished up with a bit of a music performance.  She can make "hakalele" music out of about anything, but this time she actually got to use Dad's Uke.
 This weekend has been pretty low-key, a trip to the winter market, but with loads of wind and rain, so it wasn't too long lived.  BUT we got bagels and some cool carrots, so we were pretty happy.
 In hind-sight we should have grabbed some brussel sprouts too.
 Today was pretty great, we got to celebrate Henry's 2nd birthday!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend!  There were amazing cupcakes.

Cute AND yummy.  Really yummy. 

 We had a nice morning playing with our friends.  In addition to cupcakes, play-time,

 some toy-story movie fun we got an extra special surprise... SNOW!  

After the birthday party... Grace went home and fought off a nap (NO!!!! NO NAPPIES!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZ)
and Dad and I went hunting for cataput supplies and some groceries.

 As soon as G. went to sleep and while Dad and I were on the road, the snow really started coming down again.

It was lovely, but did not last long enough.  Soon after the snow, a flock of robins landed in our yard.  At least 25 that mom could count were looking through our front yard.

  Pretty cool!

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