Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (or... nom nom nom eating our way through the week)

We have managed to fill this week full of friends, food and fun, a good way to transition to the year of the Dragon!!!
Last week, since our big plans consisted of cozying up around PDX and watching the storms roll through, we thought we could manage to jazz it up a bit.  We had a short week, Monday off, so in a pleasant change of events, we had Pearl come over to our house for the afternoon!   
We had a great time, Owen and Pearl play so very nicely together, it is just great to see.  Dad and I had some big cooking plans, 
so we sent the big kids to go Bowling while I attempted a nap and attempted to help dad with dinner.  They had so much fun.  
Each kid won one game (if you don't count Mom's rockin scores... totally blowing the kindergartners out of the water... with bumpers,  ahem). 
 Anyhow after a fun filled afternoon (topped off with a doughnut :), 
we had the rest of Pearl's clan over to share our Bo ssam, the Korean version of southern barbecue.
  The pork had roasted all day in the oven, Dad had put together a bunch of tasty sides (fresh pickles, ginger scallion sauce, ssam jam, etc...) Pearl's Dad brought his home-made kimchee and wow, this stuff was great!  
I have easily consumed as much meat as any of the adults this week (there was a TON of leftovers... relished). My favorite though was all of the play-time after dinner.  Those guys are great!  
 Well, the rest of the week brought snow on and off, it was actually kinda tough to get to play in it, so Owen and I woke up super early, I didn't last long, but Owen made snow t-rexes at 6:30am to get his snow fix in before heading to a late-start day at school.  
We did finish off the week watching O's  martial arts class.  He's getting better already!  
and, of course, a muffin at the bakery.  Mom was on her way home, but a subtle suggestion from me and Owen and we made a bit of a detour en route. 
 It didn't take much.  
This weekend was pretty quiet.  The folks claim they spent it all shoveling food into Owen and me, maybe its the weather, maybe its an impending growth spurt.  We'll have to see.  The weather did clear up for a spell yesterday afternoon, so we took advantage with a nice walk. 
 It was certainly nice to get outside (even if we had to be practically kicked out of the house to get us started), even just for a bit.  Today was pretty special.  We anticipated the New Year (monday) with a grand feast at Joaquin and Esme's house.  It was so nice to celebrate with friends!  In addition to J. E, Val and Ray 
(who cooked up some yummy noodles and long-beans... 
Thanks Ray!), we got to play with Elodie and her family and Jamie and his Mom.
(though I'm pretty sure that this is NOT the way to welcome the year of the dragon)
The feast was wonderful!  
  Everyone had a
 fun and nice evening 
and us kids had sooo much fun running around, 
chasing Esme (the ringleader), 

testing some adults with feats of strength, 
printing up some year of the dragon t-shirts (thanks Daddy!) and (FINALLY)
 settling down for a good dragon story at the end of a fun filled evening.   
 Happy Chinese New Year friends and family!!!  We wish you peace and prosperity in this coming year.

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