Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Grins

Well, Happy New Year folks!  It has been, well its been great.  Lets see Kindergarten, learning to ride a bike, fun trips, new friends, old friends.

  Grace really has come into her own personality!  She is talking, SINGING, smiling (for the camera!), and is becoming a sweet friend I can actually play with (when I embrace her Godzilla-like tendencies).

  When Mom asked me about resolutions... I said ... Hmm new-year revolutions... maybe all smiley faces every day, but I"ve already started that.  Anyhow its been another pretty awesome week of vacation.

 We finished up our trip to Fresno, with relative calm...

playing with Uncle Ry, Grandma, Grandpa, our new toys...

 Grace, Mom and I got to visit Grandpa at work and get our teeth checked out.

 It was so much fun, Grace didn't want to leave!

 I got an excellent on my report, but need to keep the flossing up.

We had a great dinner out at an Indian restaurant,

can't say I ate much but I had a nice time!  Our trip home was uneventful, thanks in no small part to Rick Riordan and his books.  We listened to a whole one on the way down and another one on the way back.  The timing was just about right (uh... 14 hrs or so) and I was completely hooked; never complained, unless the folks were talking too much and I couldn't hear.  
It was nice to sleep in our own beds.  We unpacked, relaxed,

made crocodile eyes with some grapes,

 practiced balloon animals

and spent a last few days in front of our beautiful Christmas tree

before the folks took it down (it confused G. who kept asking "where tree go?").

We had a busy, fun/friend filled weekend too.

  Mom and I cooked like crazy on Friday.  Saturday started with dim-sum with a bunch of friends.

 I got to hang with Pearl again after a long break for us, and say bye to my friend Tim who is heading off to Panama.

  We always LOVE dim-sum with everyone.

 That evening we went over to Joaquin and Esme's for a New Years Eve party.

We stayed up to celebrate 2012

(arriving in Nova Scotia).

  We always have a fantastic time with these guys!

  Happy New Year Everyone!

 (and happy birthday Chris!)

 I keep getting New-Years and MY new-year mixed up... that's next week.   Today we celebrated the first of the year with a neighborhood progressive dinner.

 It was fun to hang out with the neighborhood gang and some new faces (plus new baby!), we don't see them as often since school started,

 we had a blast, I was totally wired and excited.

  Everything was great, good food, great company.  A perfect start to 2012.

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