Sunday, January 08, 2012

now he is six!

Happy birthday Bro!!
 Owen started back to school (with his new rain-pants and bike gloves :), 
started a wushu class, aaaannnnnddd turned six! 
 Can't believe it!  Had a great day at school (cupcakes with orange sprinkles), and a awesome birthday party (next post)!  
Lucky boy got to wake up to balloons, presents, and a TON of excitement.  We weren't sure he would make it through the day but he did a fantastic job.  I have been keeping busy too.  Being a super hero (tough work)

A helper (helping Mom put the dishes away, I am very good at silverware)
and a teacher... I have been teaching Chicken to type.

Mom and I also made cupcakes on Friday.  See... little bowling balls!  Owen thought they were yummy; we all did!

So, lets see, on the day of his birthday, the lucky guy got to open all sorts of exciting presents from his sweet family and friends who thought of him on this day.  This angry-bird got quite a bit of exercise until he was restricted to the back rooms (you can guess why)

Lots of good books, maps, all sorts of learning tools that he has already delved into.  I tell you, at six, Owen is a sponge for new information.

And has adventurous tastes...  thought, sorry Auntie Gigi, Astronaut Ice-cream... not his favorite.

Otherwise, this is Owen AFTER bowling (see other post)... we unwound with a movie.  Essential way to deal with the sugar coma.

Otherwise, Sunday was actually sunny and lovely here.  SO... to celebrate, we did yard-work.  Yeah, I know exciting.
Well... it is!  Esp. if part of your "work" is to dig a big hole. 
Plus Owen got to put together a robot with a cool make-do kit that he got.  Thankfully we are drowning in boxes for him to use right now.

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