Sunday, January 29, 2012


It can be fierce, the year of the dragon! though so far... mostly fun! 
We've had a pretty fun week.  It was spirit week at school, so there were all sorts of theme days... ugly tie day, crazy hat day... you get the idea... I totally rocked Crazy hat day.  
Otherwise we have had some rainy days, but it finally lightened up for a few days. 
 Grace and I gathered the fallen sticks from our yard and made a bit of a fort that we hung out in for the day.  

 Got some scooting in.  Saturday, we made it over to Bob's for breakfast (giant pile of pancakes) and to restock some staples.

Grace enjoyed her yogurt; Daddy and I had our regular Dots game (dad won), and we all left super full.  That afternoon, I got to help Jameson celebrate his 6th birthday at this awesome place called "Out of this world pizza and play!"

 A big name for a big place full of climbing structures, cars, slides, pizza and fun!!

 We had an awesome afternoon running around and hanging with my buddy!

I headed home and Grace had just fallen asleep, so Dad took me out to swim.  It had been a while, and he forgot the camera, but I went down the HUGE slide by myself, and spent a lot of time going around the whirl pool with Joaquin and Benjamin. Today we went to church in the morning (Dad got elected to the council), and headed (in the rain) downtown to have a yummy lunch at Chen's good taste before heading over to the gardens.  We were pretty lucky, on three fronts... (1) Grace ate like a champ... pretty much all of the won-tons in the soup (maybe 10 or so), (2) I got to eat almost all of the pepper salt squid YUM! and (3) Lions visited the restaurant while we were there!   Eh?  What you might say?  LIONS??? yep.

 Grace was less than thrilled about the visit, but I was so stoked... Lions and firecrackers, and lettuce (which I was showered with) all at the doorstep.

  We got a pretty close-up experience.

After the exciting lunch, we went to the Lan Su Garden where we got to enjoy another lion dance,

some tai-chi, make some lanterns and decorate some dragons,

have our name written in Chinese calligraphy.  In spite of the rain, it was a beautiful visit... lots of goldfish in the ponds,

red lanterns everywhere,

persimmons hanging heavily on the tree, beautiful stones, water dripping, lovely.


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Sangeetha Narender said...

Lovely pics loaded with fun...
and very cute kids *.*