Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chickens make for entertainment on a quiet weekend


 Not too much happening around here this weekend.  Mostly wrangling chickens who need their wings clipped again.

I got my first ever report card... not too bad, a few areas that need work academically but pretty much on target across the board, mostly it seems the teacher thinks I need to use my class leadership qualities for good... with great power and all that.  I am working on it, I said that Grace is helping me hone my responsible leadership (Okay I didn't say hone, but it sounded good).

Friday, Mom, Grace and Liam hung out for a bit.  Chickens escaped, as amusement, Mom put us in charge of getting them back into the coop.  I'm actually pretty good at this, Grace just loves it.

Saturday Dad had to work at the sportsman show  (lots of camo), so we ran errands with Mom.  Grace conked out and Mom and I had a really nice burger at CityState together (with G. asleep on the booth with Mom... the whole time + car trip home).

We made pizza that night, then finished up with a toe-nail painting session!

Today we had Liam and Pearl over in the afternoon and we had a great time playing with a new light-up game that Auntie Donna and Uncle John sent us (it is sooo cool), we made some valentines day decorations, did a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle!

Finally Mom kicked everyone outside for a bit, let the birds out to roam again and put the 2-year olds in charge of rounding them back up with a bucket of scratch and their subtle winning ways!  

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